About what to write in the microblog

About what to write in the microblog

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If you want to keep the microblog, for example, on social network "VKontakte" or in Twitter, surely there will be a question what there to write about. To be the interesting author for the readers, it is necessary to publish extraordinary posts.


1. It is necessary to begin with the fact that microblogs can have absolutely different tasks. If it is the corporate microblog, naturally, in it it is necessary to cover news of the company, some actions to clients if the trading company, or news of the corporate policy and the relations with partners if it is serious big corporation. Microblogs exist practically at all news portals, there they place the short overview and references to the latest news or video. At politicians the microblogs are devoted to informing inhabitants on the prepared or taken effect laws and orders. Microblogs of stars narrate about their life, tours and tours.

2. As it is possible to notice, different people in microblogs write about what is important for them - work, the pit, changes, news occurring in their lives. In it, in general the main objective of microblogs also consists. Therefore if you wish to create to yourself the microblog, for a start select that sphere of life which concerns you most of all, some business which well turns out and on which you are keen. Of course, it is possible and just to write in a row all thoughts what come to mind, and most of regular users of the microblog does, but only close friends will agree to read similar, those that will want to be aware of all details of your life. More unusual and original posts are usually interesting to mass readers.

3. Learn to write interesting posts it is possible if to trace how they are written by popular users. If there is no clear understanding yet about what to write in the microblog to you, it is worth reading microblogs by other users and to think: and what for you how it was interesting to the reader? What means they use for writing of posts: humour, additional sources interesting to a thought? Everything that is close to you, should be noted and used at itself too.

4. To become popular and readable, it is necessary to be to useful users. Therefore you share with them important information, give references to interesting content, be always aware of succession of events. Be not afraid to express own opinion at the same time. It is noticed that those who are not afraid to tell about the point of view are appreciated by users above whatever this opinion was. Reposts and links to someone else's materials, maybe, will also draw attention to the microblog, but to be only an intermediary between readers and creators of content is not the best solution for promoting of the microblog.

5. It is the best of all to be engaged in the microblog constantly. Users love when about 5-6 posts are published in their interesushchy microblog in a day. If time or desire is not engaged in the microblog at you during any period, create visibility of presence. For this purpose it is possible to place references to any your materials for other resources, to post in advance prepared quotes or interesting pictures, to unsubscribe shortly about what occurs in real life. It is possible to use for this purpose the system of delayed writes when on record the timer about post output time is put. That is it is necessary to do everything not to prepare and to look for content specially, but also not to vanish absolutely from the page. It is so possible to lose a large number of readers. As a last resort it is worth warning that for a certain time in network you will not be that users knew for sure what it is connected with and when you return.

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