Account: as to disconnect it

Account: as to disconnect it

The Windows operating system is initially designed for several users. To save parameters of the specific user, creation of individual accounts is necessary for each of them. And in need of them it will be possible to disconnect.


1. Open the Start menu and come into "Control panel" (or use a label on a desktop). In "Control panel" open Accounts of Users service by means of which control and setup of accounts in the Windows operating system is exercised. In a window of this service all accounts of users of this operating system are displayed.

2. Select the user account which needs to be disconnected and click its icon. As a result of it account settings will open. For shutdown of the user account click on the link ""Removal of the Account"".

3. Then select action which should be made with files of the deleted account. These data can be saved in the form of files of the account of the administrator, or completely delete from the computer. After the choice of necessary action confirm removal of the account of the user.

4. If you need to leave only one account of the user on the computer, then disconnect also the account under the name "Guest". This account is used for login with the most limited rights. To disconnect this account, open Accounts of Users service, click in it with the inscription "Guest" and choose the command "Shutdown of the Guest account.

5. Now at turning on of the computer the choice of the account will not be provided for an input. Pay attention that the Guest account is disconnected only temporarily and is not removed completely. If desired you will be able to include it back, having executed the similar sequence of actions.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team