Advance on low-frequency requests

Advance on low-frequency requests

Low-frequency requests are the main driving force of advance of young people or just created websites. Advance on such requests promotes achievement of initial results and further successful functioning of the website.

Some optimizers are inclined to sort requests by rate regardless of scope of requests. There is no actually clear boundary on which it would be possible to tell precisely whether any given request low is (LF) or mid-frequency (SCh). A lot of things depend on subject of the website and its popularity among the Internet of users.

Today to define rate of requests very easily. There is a large number of the paid and free services allowing to reveal and analyze requests of users of search engines.

Advance on LF to requests begins with definition of requests on which the website or its separate pages will move ahead. As it was told above, it is possible to define and reveal necessary requests by means of different services. One of the most popular services of the analysis of requests is service from WordStat or from Google (Scheduler of key requests). Using these tools, it should be taken into account what they shows not clean occurrence of keywords, but keywords as a part of the diluted requests. For determination of exact number of requests of any given phrases it is already necessary to use paid services or special programs.

After the end of selection of keywords, it is necessary to start optimization of articles (or to be engaged from creation) the website under these requests. Very important advantage of advance on LF is an opportunity to optimize the page under several such requests, a so-called clustering (grouping). Optimizing the text under such requests, it is necessary to make the main search query of the page in its main heading and meta-tags (taytl and diskripshin). It makes sense to use keywords also in headings of the text h2, h3 and so on.

You should not oversaturate the body text of a klyuchevikama

The main requirement of the search engines (SE) is a full and clear reply to the request of the user. There will be quite enough couple of direct occurrences and several diluted.

Very important element of advance on LF to requests is internal relinking of articles of the website. In the majority couples hits of the website in the TOP of search engines it is possible to achieve only due to internal relinking. Remember that anchors of internal links should correspond to the advanced requests and to be surrounded with the topical text.

If it is impossible to achieve hit in the TOP only due to internal relinking, then it is necessary to start a stage of external optimization - to buy several links to the advanced page from others, it is better thematic, resources. In network there is enough the different reference exchanges at which there is an opportunity to buy links at low prices. You should not be spent for expensive links, advancing the website on LF.

External references to your website - not the most important

It is necessary to remember that ""the reference weight"" is not already major factor of ranging, and according to the statement of some search engines and are not considered at all).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team