Advanced technologies in modern stomatology

Advanced technologies in modern stomatology

For the last decade the set of new technologies was implemented into medicine. Especially it concerned such industry as stomatology that became very pleasant moment for patients.

Dental lasers

Laser dental care became one of the newest and fascinating technologies. Dental lasers belong to family of surgical and are used to bleaching of tooth enamel, removal of the struck fabrics, also apply them at recovery of teeth. Depending on necessary treatment the stomatologist can influence the laser a long time, and can apply point touches. Such procedure is unsafe for eyes therefore application of special goggles is obligatory.

Laser treatment assumes the minimum use of the anesthetizing medicines. Very well such method in treatment of diseases of gums since bleeding is minimized proved. It is absolutely new, only beginning to develop technology therefore not all stomatologists could seize it. And those who received necessary skills should have surely the certificate with the permission to performing treatment by the laser.


Grinding by air

This technology completely replaces the procedure of drilling of the struck area of tooth. It occurs thanks to the most fine abrasive particles which clean a tooth cavity from the struck fabrics, preparing it thus for installation of a seal. In most cases such way also does not require use of anesthesia since parts of an abrasive very precisely go to the necessary section. One more plus of such method is that healthy fabrics are not mentioned, there is a removal of exclusively damaged. This method is ideal for treatment of caries at early stages.

Digital radiology

This latest digital technology gives the chance to stomatologists to receive and store diagnostic images by means of the computer. The picture appears on the monitor instantly, there is an opportunity to increase it and to show to the patient all options of treatment. Also together with it there is an opportunity to send the image in electronic form to the colleague or insurance company. So far the radiology on digital mediums did not replace completely normal way, but its development goes rapidly, and soon use of digital technologies in stomatology will become a usual thing.

Intra oral camera

Tiny video cameras are at the moment developed for dental care. With its help the stomatologist takes pictures of a mouth and transfers her to the computer that provides substantial assistance at diagnosis of diseases. The camera gives the chance to show to the specialist that the x-ray is not always able to be told that allows to reveal problems at an initial stage. Besides, it gives the chance to the patient to see the mouth the stomatologist's eyes that it often promotes more thorough tooth care further.

Fearless visit to the stomatologist

The most pleasant news to patients of dental offices is that dental care can be without pain. Innovations in development of technology and the equipment of injections give the chance to do anesthesia absolutely without serious consequences. Besides, existence in dental clinics of the specialists capable to calm not only the child in a chair of the stomatologist, but also adult becomes fashionable.

Cosmetic stomatology and video images

The new generation of dental materials looks surprisingly naturally, it allows any person to become the owner of a beautiful smile, ideally equal number of teeth, to correct any defects. Also there is an opportunity to design the future smile by means of new video technologies.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team