Advantages and shortcomings of wi-fi technology

Advantages and shortcomings of wi-fi technology

Today the wi-fi technology is very widespread and promptly develops around the world. It has very high potential, but there are both pluses, and minuses.

Advantages of wi-fi

Primary benefit of this technology is a total absence of wires. Wi-fi can integrate among themselves at once several devices. Wi-fi will be especially useful when laying of wires is impossible or inexpedient. Conferences in the international exhibitions can be an example. Also it will be the good solution for buildings which are considered as architectural monuments as historical monuments exclude wiring of cables.

Wi-fi is widely applied at connection of different devices and not only among themselves, but also to the Internet. Almost all modern tablets, laptops, smartphones have a possibility of connection to wi-fi network. It is very convenient as it is practically possible to be connected to the Internet everywhere, not only in that place where wires are laid. Now the airports, apartments, office buildings and other objects are equipped with wi-fi technology, respectively, there it is possible to be connected to it.

One more plus is a simplicity of creation of a grid of wi-fi. To connect the new device, it is only enough to include on it function and to make a simple software setup.

wi-fi shortcomings

The great value on communication quality is rendered by the environment, the technology near electromagnetic waves especially slowly works. Despite all measures of standardization, some devices from different vendors nevertheless have incomplete compatibility with network, it also influences communication speed.

Perception of a certain range more depends on the environment. The normal home wi-fi router has radius about 45 meters indoors, and outside – 450 meters. If in one house, at one territory work as a lot of wi-fi of points, then they can interfere with each other, it affects quality with connection. Such problem is especially widespread in apartment houses where neighbors very actively use this technology.

Certainly, wi-fi has the shortcomings, but it has also the advantages which it is much bigger. For this reason every day the modern wi-fi technologies find bigger application both among regular users, and among offices and the commercial organizations.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team