As bitcoins to exchange for rubles

As bitcoins to exchange for rubles

In all news and social networks only it is also heard that about modern cryptocurrencies as their course and what advantages of use of a modern way of calculation grows. Today, Bitcoin is not only the most popular, but also most expensive cryptocurrency. Successful investors who managed to invest the money in bitcoins at the price of $1000 have 10-fold enhancement to business to the capital now. But transfer of BTC to Qiwi or Webmoney can cause some difficulties, but actually, in it there is nothing difficult. Let's understand then how to exchange bitcoins for rubles and to make it most favourably?

It is required to you

  • Internet access;
  • a purse or the card of the payment service provider on which you will withdraw money;
  • it is a little attention


1. On the Internet there is a set of ways and places of a currency exchange. We need to select the most favorable place for our requests. For this purpose we advise to use BestChange service which represents Internet service which helps with search of the most favorable exchange offices for electronic currencies. Having got on the website, at the left it is possible to notice the table in which we select that we give and that we receive. We will change bitcoins for a kiwi.

2. Now it is necessary to select the best exchange office. It is better not to break at once on the first lines where there have to be most favorable offers, and select the reliable exchanger, with decent responses which quantity is visible in the right column of the table of exchange rates. Let's stop on WW-Pay as the most adequate ratio courses/responses. Now we will smoothly turn directly to a question as bitcoins to exchange for rubles. We pass to WW-Pay, having clicked LKM on it in the table. Having got on their website, we select exchange of Bitcoin – Qiwi.

3. We get already on the page of input of personal data. Here we enter quantity of bitcoins, the E-mail and Qiwi a purse.

4. Redirects us on payment. Near the QR code there is a purse on which we transfer the necessary amount of BTC.

5. Now you know as bitcoins to exchange for rubles! Congratulations.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team