As Facebook deceive advertisers

As Facebook deceive advertisers

The largest social network Facebook is suspected of deception of the advertisers. Initial suspicions can pour out in series of the juicy scandals: considering that affairs at Mark Zuckerberg's company go not really well recently, the next negative news can reduce the cost of already falling stocks even more.


For Facebook hard times came. Very unsuccessful placement of shares led to the fact that the price of them fell almost twice – from initial 38 dollars to 20. Top managers began to leave the company, accuse Facebook of pressure upon some independent software makers. And now, in completion of everything, the company was convicted of deception of advertisers. Considering that Mark Zuckerberg's company gains the main income from advertizing, the blow turned out very telling.

A complaint of Facebook was made by the young company Limited Run: during own investigation she established that on social network of 80% of clicks on advertizing banners were executed from false accounts. It means that the companies advertisers paid Facebook for the false cliques which are really not making for them for any profit. In other words, the social network got 80% of the profit illegally, deceiving advertisers. Were at Limited Run and other claims – in the company said that they for change of the name of the page from them demanded to increase the advertizing budget on social network by 2 thousand dollars. The indignant advertisers did not mince words, having called employees of social network bastards.


In response to the brought charges the representatives of Facebook reported that they already make investigation according to false accounts. As for the requirement of money for change of the name of the page, at them this procedure is absolutely free.

The manual of Facebook can be understood – if a story with "wrapping" of clicks gains development, also other companies can make the complaint, and at social network there is a lot of them. If similar frauds were carried out also with banners of other advertisers, then the social network, at best, should refuse dishonest methods of conducting a game that will sharply reduce profitability of the company. What, in turn, will even more bring down capitalization of firm. The only real capital of Facebook are one billion users of social network. They attract advertisers and if the last find out that they are deceived in such serious scales, for Mark Zuckerberg and his social network really black times can come.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team