As for the directory to add the reference

As for the directory to add the reference

Work with different directories – rather fascinating process. It is possible to issue the website and to place materials in such a way that it will be interesting to visitors to be delayed long on each page. From the technical party at setup of the directory even the beginner should have no particular problems.


1. For an example the way of adding of material and links in the directory of the website in the ucoz system is considered. Practically all modules assuming a certain type of design of content are configured similarly, whether it be the directory of the websites, the directory of files or the directory of articles. Enter the control panel of the website and activate the necessary module.

2. Under the main menu two mini-tabs are located. Click on the Inactive tab. Having selected the required module in the list, you will get on its page, press the Activate the Module button located in the center. Switch to viewing active modules, – the new directory will appear in the menu.

3. Pass into the menu of the created directory and select the section "Settings of the Module". Setting necessary parameters, pay special attention to the section "Fields for Adding of Materials". If you want that it was possible to add references in the directory, note a marker the corresponding point (the direct reference, the reference to the source, the link to the author's website and so on). Confirm the actions with the Save button. The field for links can be renamed. For this purpose use the hint which is in the section.

4. Having configured the module, it is possible to be engaged directly in material adding. If material on which you give the reference is uploaded to the site by means of the file manager, cause it from the menu and press the Receive the Link button located in line with the name of material. If loaded content on a third-party hosting, use the link from the Share field.

5. If the link should conduct on other resource, open the necessary page and copy the link from an address bar. Insert the address in the field for adding of links which you provided at settings of the module. For adding of additional references it is possible to use the field of material. Pass into the mode supporting bb-codes (or HTML) and issue the links by means of a tag [http://].

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team