As from the Opera to import bookmarks

As from the Opera to import bookmarks

Have on one computer several browsers for PC users – a commonplace. But whether it is possible to visit in them the same sites? Of course if previously to throw the saved bookmarks from one browser in another. How to import links from "Opera", read below.

It is required to you

  • - Opera browser;
  • - one more of browsers on your discretion.


1. In the Opera browser it is possible to import all elements saved earlier: from contacts and messages of e-mail to bookmarks. To use function of "transfer", find the section "Bookmarks" in the File menu, then - the Import and Export point and specify the program from which it is necessary to move bookmarks. Then they will automatically be added to the list to set by default. This step concerns export of pages from other observers.

2. For transfer of bookmarks from "Opera" in Mozilla open both browsers at once. For a start to you it will be necessary to Opera. Find the Menu point from which it will be necessary to pass to the section "Bookmarks" in the upper left corner of the observer. Further select the Management of Bookmarks function or at the same time click the Ctrl+Shift+B keyboard shortcut.

3. After that in the browser the additional window with bookmarks will open. You can send at the same time all bookmarks or the most necessary links for work in other observer. For transfer of selective pages click on the CTRL keyboard and select those bookmarks which you are going to send to the new browser. At once it is possible to select all bookmarks by means of the CTRL keys + A.

4. Then on the panel of the opened window find the section "File" and select function necessary for you from the list of possible actions. In this case you need the Save Selected as HTML … point. In a new window in the graph "File name" enter the name of the saved document with bookmarks. It is better if for these purposes you use Latin. Specify expansion (type) of the file. It should be html.

5. For saving and transfer of bookmarks from "Opera" in Google Chrome - actions similar. But it will not be possible "to extend" directly this document: Google has no such opportunities yet. Therefore it is necessary to import bookmarks from Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Therefore they at first need to be placed in one of the above-mentioned observers. After saving the document with bookmarks open Google Hrom, pass into the section "Task manager". Select the Tools item, then – "Import of bookmarks" and specify the file saved earlier.

6. If it is required to import bookmarks for Opera (this action is necessary during removal and further reinstallation of the program), select the option "Export Bookmarks to HTML …" or "Export to Opera". Later will only be to open for you the file saved earlier enough and to add its browser.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team