As hackers crack passwords

As hackers crack passwords

Most of Internet users faced theft of accounts – many hackers are engaged in similar in really huge scales. However very few people know how there is a cracking process.


1. The most widespread option – search of often found passwords. "qwerty" and even "password", first of all, belongs to them "12345". By the way, combining similar words, you will hardly save the account from cracking. Programs are capable to touch their combinations and writing on other layout.

2. The second way is similar to the first, but the probability of cracking is higher. In addition to the most widespread passwords the hackers begin to touch in general all words and variations. This by method is called brute force (or it is reduced by Brutus). It is very long and expensive way. It is extremely seldom applied at mass cracking, more often brute force is aimed at the separate victim.

3. Use of the iridescent table. Under such fancy name the huge base of the calculated hashes which are used on the majority of the modern websites disappears. Hashes are a numerical value of the encrypted password. This method much quicker previous, however also requires considerable time. The fact is that for use of a hash it needs to be found at first from the huge table with millions of names.

4. On many websites the protection against similar cracking is enabled. They just add several accidental characters to the password before encryption. But also this problem was tried to be bypassed and created the complicated iridescent table. It should be noted that modern capacities by means of it allow to crack only the password to 12 characters. However and it can do only to the state hackers.

5. The easiest way to receive the password is to ask it the user. This method is called a phishing, or fishing. The fake page absolutely similar to the page of a login to the account is created. The user enters the login and the password then the system just remembers data, visits the page and changes data.

6. Many famous hackers use method under the name "social engineering". The essence is that some office worker is called under the guise of the Information Security Service and ask to give the password from network. Surprisingly, but this way works in 90% of cases.

7. It is possible to give to hackers the password from the account just having installed some free application. Together with it to you on the computer the virus which will copy the entered data and will send them to the hacker will make the way. It can be as the applications which are completely writing actions to the user and full programs which are capable to block or even to delete all data.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team