As html to translate (to convert) into word

As html to translate (to convert) into word

For certain, the document thinks of the HTML pages conversion to Word not everyone but only those users who by the nature of activity faced similar need and do not know what to do to them.

Quite often users who faced need of converting of the HTML page for Word need not all information which is stored on the page but only its separate part.

The easiest way


The user who faced similar need can just open the necessary page and by means of a mouse to select the necessary HTML text of the page, to copy it by means of clicking of the hot keys Ctrl + C on the keyboard and to insert this fragment of the page into Word. Unfortunately, the similar way works not always and especially, it will not help if it is required to copy not the information which is stored on the page, but its code.


How to convert Html into word?

To convert HTML pages into Word, the user will need special programs converters which there is a lot of floating around the Internet today. For example, it is possible to use TotalHTMLConverter. This software allows to save HTML pages in various formats including in doc which is used in Word. The interface of the program is quite simple, and it means that everyone can use it. To transform the file from one format to another, it is enough to save HTML link on the page (it can be done by means of right-clicking in a window and to select in the Save as... menu). After the link is saved on the computer, it is necessary to start this software, to find the saved link to the website, to install opposite to it a tick and in the field of Convert to: select the doc item. On it the procedure of converting is completed.

There is one more way of the HTML pages conversion to Word, but two programs for this purpose will be required, first of which converts Html into PDF, and the second - PDF in DOC. For the HTML pages conversion it is possible to download and install the doPDF program. After start it is required to select the page saved on the computer and to transform it to PDF. After that it is necessary to install, for example, TotalPDFConverter which will transform PDF already directly to DOC. It is necessary to specify the folder in which the source file is located, to select the source file PDF and a target format, in this case, it is DOC. As a result, having used one of the ways given above, the user with ease can transfer the HTML page to the format supported by Word and to use it in the needs.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team