As in a maynkrafta by means of the command block to build the house

As in a maynkrafta by means of the command block to build the house

Creation of the house in Minecraft – hard and long occupation. It appears, such beautiful house can be made literally in several clicks! The command block and a couple of minutes of free time is necessary for you.

How to create the base

It is required to start the application, to become authorized through the login and the password. Creation of the world initially should be in the creative mode, or should be included Chita.

What is inside

Now about the building. Indoors, on the first floor, will provide you a chest with wheat, gunpowder, coal, bones, threads and pumpkin sunflower seeds at once. There are a workbench and furnaces which because of unclear animation constantly burn.

On the second floor the small bedroom with a bed was placed. there is enough pustovato, lighting is not available too, but it is always possible to correct it. On it there is an unusual door from two gates which conducts on a balcony. From a high verandah the beautiful view which supplements a charming pot with flowers in turn can open.

Start creation

For a start it is necessary to create the command block. For this purpose the command – / by give @p command_block is entered into a game chat. After this manipulation it will appear at you in hands!

Further you install the block on the earth and you click on it with the right mouse button. In the appeared window, it is necessary to enter a command after downloading according to the link in the top line. Press The Signal Is Necessary button once to change value on "It is always active" and click "Is ready" for the button.

After above-mentioned actions there is an unknown design from multi-colored glass and command blocks, and near it the command block into which it is necessary to insert a command on the following link of and again to change value of the button on the right. A certain process during which the FPS value can be reduced significantly begins, it is not terrible, will pass pretty fast.

Having waited shrinkage of FPS, it is necessary to get materials for receiving a subject by means of which there will be creation of the house. It will be necessary for you: 64 units of oak boards, 64 raw blocks of an oak, 64 blocks of a cobble-stone.

Now it is necessary to throw off all materials on 1 block: come into stock and in turn, looking at 1 point, throw out all 3 materials out of its limits. If everything is made correctly, the subject under the name Build House will drop out. Pick up it and you can start the choice of the place for future construction.

Simple right click by the dropped-out subject on area on which you see the future house you start automatic creation. At automatic construction the number of personnel will be possible to sink again, it is normal. Within 30-40 seconds you can observe as from a blank space, without assistance the huge and beautiful construction appears

Note: this way works only at Maynkraft version 1.11.2. But you can always create the house in first "chanka" of the created world and upgrade to the version convenient to you to this world, and subsequent "chanka" will progruzhatsya according to selected by a variation of a game.

So, the house in Minecraft can be made without applying of special efforts as soon as possible. Having inspired by this great construction, you can always construct something special that many times will exceed everything that you did earlier!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team