As in a maynkrafta to make a chest of a tree

As in a maynkrafta to make a chest of a tree

During the game in Minecraft not seldom there is death. Especially it is fraught at beginners in a game. Therefore it is necessary to create as soon as possible a warehouse where spare things and valuable resources would be stored

Technical characteristics 

Chest - the container capable to store blocks and objects. One chest has 27 cells. The chest cannot be opened if over it any opaque block is located. The chest is considered transparent therefore it is possible to put chests at each other, and it will not interfere with their opening. At destruction of a chest all objects lying in it will drop out.

If next to each other to put two chests, then they form a uniform big chest which is twice more on volume and can contain 54 piles. The double chest cannot be opened if at least over one of its half there is an opaque block. At destruction of one of its blocks, objects will drop out only of this half, and remained will continue to function as a normal single chest. In the interface the top half always corresponds to the block of a chest which is located more to the left.

Type – the firm block

Where to look for – most to do, treasuries, fortresses, abandoned mines, villages

The transparency – is not present

The luminescence – is not present

Vzryvoustoychivost – 12.5

The tool – hands (any subject) / the axe from a tree above

Put – 64 pieces in a staka

Chests are generated in treasuries, fortresses, in desert and in dzhunglevy temples, infernal fortresses, villages, the cities of Edge and in a needle. At destruction of the trolley with a chest generated in the abandoned mine the trolley, a chest and all its contents drops out.

How to make a chest of a tree?

  • It is necessary to get eight wooden boards.
  • Put boards on a craft table. Use the recipe of a chest to create a chest. Put boards in each slot, except an average.
  • Put a chest. Always put a chest so that around it there was enough free space, otherwise you will not be able to open it. 

Keep in mind that there are very few blocks which will not interfere with opening of a chest if you put them over it. It is water, a lava, leaves, a cactus, glass, snow, ladders, cakes, a bed, a fencing, other chest, a torch, tables, cross ties and some other (translucent blocks)

Interesting facts

  • It is possible not only to skraftit chests, but also to find in treasuries, abandoned mines, fortresses, villages, a needle, the cities of Region and temples. 
  • Chests do not burn. 
  • Steps, other chests and any transparent block located over a chest do not interfere it with opening. 
  • The chest cannot be moved with the piston. 
  • If over a chest the piston, a chest can all the same be opened. 
  • The cat can sit on a chest, at the same time without allowing the player to use it. 
  • In the pocket edition at a chest lomaniye that begins "shiver". 
  • From stone or wooden tools the bonus chest may contain only picks and axes. 
  • If to place two funnels under a big chest, they will take away at the same time a resource from it, but visually withdrawal of a resource will consistently happen. 
  • If in the pocket edition to try to shift a double chest two pistons at the same time, then after movement the chest will be separated into two normal. 
  • Chests can be placed next to each other, without having connected if to clamp the Left Shift. 
  • If in the mode of creativity guide the cursor at a chest, to clamp Shift and SKM, then it is possible not only to copy it in stock, but also all contents. 
  • If during movement on a trolley to come into a chest, then having passed several blocks, you automatically leave it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team