As in a maynkrafta to make the portal to the city 1.12.2

As in a maynkrafta to make the portal to the city 1.12.2

In ""Maynkraft"" you begin the travel in a random point of accidentally generated world which reminds normal Earth. Naturally, there are moba which do not exist actually, plants which you will hardly find, but in general an essence approximately same. And quite large number of players spend all the time exactly there, without suspecting that ""Maynkraft"" is something bigger, than the one and only virtual world. Actually them exists a little, between them you can travel by means of portals. Some of them are provided by developers, some are added by means of special modifications therefore you will definitely not get bored until you investigate them. But, as it was already told earlier, for a travel to any of the additional worlds you will need portals. Through them you will pass in new locations, through them and to return. Therefore everyone should know what are portals in ""Maynkraft"" as to make them and where they conduct.

Portals in ""Maynkraft"

Today the portal is only a science-fiction concept which is not implemented in life yet. These are peculiar gate which instantly transfer the person from one world to another and back. They are represented very different - someone sees them as indistinct gaps in space, someone, on the contrary, considers that they should have an accurate framework. If it is interesting to you what are portals in ""Maynkraft"", then you should know that they belong more to the second option. In a game it is a frame from certain blocks in which pass is activated one way or another. Naturally, for each view there are both materials, and activation objects. Therefore it is necessary to know what are portals in ""Maynkraft"" and that with them it is necessary to make to get to any of the worlds. 

How to make the portal to the city 1.12.2?

One of the most popular worlds where the player wants to visit, is the city 1.12.2. It is the peculiar analog of Hell stylized in the same subject. And if you want to learn what are portals in ""Maynkraft"", then you should begin with it. At the same time it is impossible to tell that to make it very simply - you need material which is not so easy for finding, and it is even more difficult to make independently. It is obsidian. This material is not generated on the card during creation of the world, it cannot be skraftit or beaten out from mob. How then to get it? In quite cunning way: you need a lava and water. At the same time does not matter, in the nature it will occur or from your message - only the order is important here. The lava should flow into the standing water, and then in the place of their connection the obsidian block will turn out. If the lava is static, and water is dynamic - at you the stone, in any other case, other than the first will turn out, you will remain only with cobble-stone blocks therefore be extremely attentive. Having made a frame of obsidian, set fire to space in it by means of the lighter - and your gate to the Lower World is ready. You should not neglect them because, except huge amount of fun and pleasure, you will find materials for construction of other teleports there. In ""Maynkraft"" the portal to the city and to the Lower World does not require complex materials, in other cases you should try.

The portal between the cities

Also the teleport connecting among themselves two locations in one world ""Maynkraft"" is useful. How to make the city portal? You need to install one block of a teleport in one settlement, another - in a location necessary to you, to connect them among themselves red dust, and the short route between two points is ready. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team