As in a stima to add as a friend on id

As in a stima to add as a friend on id

The Internet and applications for work with network raise many questions. For example, many are interested in Steam. It is huge international trading floor which allows not only to buy and sell, but also to play and communicate. Today we learn how to add friends in Stim. This question arises generally at new users of service. Especially at those who did not make purchase on trading floor yet.

Profile unblocking

For a start it is worth unblocking the status of the profile. How to add the friend in Stim? New users have no such opportunity. Their questionnaires do not allow to add friends. It is necessary for an unblocking of the user:

  • fill up Steam purse;
  • make purchase on trading floor.

Only after that it is possible to think of implementation of an objective. But also without additional expenditure it will be possible to unblock a profile and to get friends.

Adding secrets

What it is about? How to add friends in Stim? It is possible not to buy games and applications, but at the same time to have an own frendlist on service. For this purpose it will be required:

  • Ask the friend to add itself to the list of friends. Not unblocked profiles do not allow to carry out search, but requests for adding in the contact list are accepted.
  • Download and install the demo-version of any game.
  • Load and start a free toy for Stim.

All these ways work smoothly. But how to add friends in Stim if the profile is unblocked?

User name

Let's begin with the most widespread reception. It is about adding of the companion in the list of friends by name. Similar operation is used by both advanced users, and beginners.

How to find friends in Stim and to add them in the frendlist? It is necessary:

  • Open Steam.
  • Undergo authorization on service. Here the login and the password is necessary.
  • In the lower right corner of the application to click ""The list of friends"".
  • In the appeared window to click on ""Add the friend..."".
  • Enter a nickname of the companion in the specially allotted field.
  • Click ""Search"" (Enter on the keyboard).
  • Select the necessary questionnaire and click the Add as a Friend button.

It is ready! Actually everything is not so difficult. Especially if it is about the unblocked questionnaire of the user.

From a questionnaire window

How to add friends in Stim? It is possible to go other path. It is applied not really often, though takes place. It is about adding of the person in a frendlist from its questionnaire. This task is implemented so:

  • Start the Steam-client.
  • Find the questionnaire of the person who wants to be added. For example, through communities.
  • Pass into the corresponding profile.
  • Find the Add as a Friend button in the top part of the appeared window.
  • Click the specified control.

Now it is necessary only to wait for request confirmation. The user will appear in a frendlist after he approves operation. 

Friends were gone

It is clear, how to add friends in Stim. Sometimes people complain that their contact lists on trading floor vanish. What should I do? It is recommended to restart the application. Otherwise it is recommended to contact technical support of service. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team