As in Chrome to make tabs

As in Chrome to make tabs

The bookmarks of the pleasant Internet pages made in the browser considerably facilitate access to the sites visited earlier. In Google Chrome it is quite simple to do them. Couple of clicks – and you at any time can return on the necessary website.

It is required to you

  • - Google Chrome browser.


1. Walking on the Internet and having appeared on the website to which you still decide to return, make on it a bookmark. For this purpose in the upper corner find the icon in the form of an asterisk in an address bar of the browser on the right. If you bring to it the cursor, you will read that by means of this operation you will be able to change a bookmark for the open page.

2. Click on an asterisk with the left mouse button or use a combination of the Ctrl+D hot keys. After that under an address bar in the right corner the window in which in a top line the name of the page will be placed will open. On it very easily you will be able to open for you the website. In a bottom line you will need to select the location of a bookmark: toolbar or other bookmarks.

3. In the menu of maintenance of bookmarks for own convenience and simplification of navigation on the websites you can create additional folders. To place a bookmark in the separate section, click in the opened window the Change button. Then specify the location of the folder – the toolbar or other bookmarks. Click "The new folder", then save changes.

4. Also in Google Chrome you can create visual bookmarks on the most popular websites. For this purpose use a special application which can be downloaded to the address Thanks to this program, during opening of a new tab you will be able to browse bookmarks and for one click to pass to any of them. By default on the working screen of the browser eight bookmarks open at the same time. But if desired their quantity can be increased up to 48.

5. On the page with bookmarks you can set any subject as design. For implementation of search of the interesting information you enter request into a special line.

6. Quickly to open a new tab, it is enough to click on the sign near the browsed page.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team