"As in Metro Exodus to save key characters who will affect an ending"

"As in Metro Exodus to save key characters who will affect an ending"

One of the most abrupt features of Metro Exodus is that here allies are necessary not just "for show", but also to provide a good ending. Therefore it is important to know what actions need to be made to achieve good end of history.

Who allies?

In total three is their Alyosha, Damir and Knyaz. These are those fighters who will join Artyom at  the Taiga, Caspian Sea and Volga levels respectively. During passing of Metro Exodus Artyom, the main character, will of the player will pass missions is reserved or regardless of obstacles. And any careless action is the death of one of characters. Unfortunately, death in this case means a bad total ending. What should I do?

How to leave in live the Prince

It is enough to satisfy the following conditions at the Volga level:

  • Run away from church unnoticed. In order that to make it, it is necessary to come to the very top of church, and after that to creep in a window and to deafen opponents.
  • Seize the tow. For this purpose it is necessary in the peace way to take away it from clan of dealers. Here it is important   not to shoot and capture the main thing at all. He already will order to lay down arms to the people.
  • Talk to the leader of a cult Silanty. The same principle — in the final of the head it is necessary reach the leader of the Cult "like the ninjia", without murders.

The following character — Damir.

How to leave in live Damir

Damir is a character who will join a command at the level of Caspian Sea. There are slaves submitting to the Baron. And the main task of Artyom (and the player) is to save slaves in the stealth mode. And in order that Damir became a part of a command, it is necessary to find in the bunker the photo of family of the character Gül ( she is Gyulnara).

How to leave in live Alyosha

It is at the Taiga level, and here too it is necessary to pass chapter in the mode a stealth. Plus it is necessary to be good in relation to inhabitants and as required to release captives. Opponents need to be deafened. As a result Olga living with Alyosha will release it in kind path.

What will be at the end

As well as it was told above if nobody dies, it will be a good ending during which Artyom after some events urgently needs blood transfusion. And it is important to save at the same time life at least of two people from a command, but then it is necessary to be all game the good person. Therefore it is better  not to risk and achieve that all members of the team escaped.

 And vice versa — if someone from a command will die or will leave on search of the path, there will not be enough blood. Then Artyom on it will turn out to save, and the player will become the witness of solemn farewell to the main character. But also here small plus — Artyom will meet again those who left the world of the Subway in the first parts.

Couple of outputs

In total it is possible to draw two conclusions — if to play regardless of obstacles, three important friends described above will or help shoot back (and will die), or will just come off a distance for the sake of the purposes. And the second output — for those who want happy end a game will be silent. That is in Metro Exodus there will be no those "postrelushka" that were in last parts.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team