As in Need for Speed the run to change the car

As in Need for Speed the run to change the car

Need for Speed the run - the next continuation of the racing simulator in which the player will be able to compete with other racers and to do a bit of traveling on smart, expensive cars. Users can have a set of the questions connected with this game, and one of the most relevant concerns change of a car.

Need for Speed the run - original and fascinating continuation of series. Exactly here the player will be able to drive on smart, expensive cars and he does not need to look at own speed, signs on the road and other at all, it is possible to do almost anything here. The plot of this game is twirled around Jack - the guy who owed to mafia solid money. It is natural that it is almost impossible to be selected from it, but he finds a way out - to complete the first a race, on the way from San Francisco to New York. Its ways will be followed by a set of obstacles: other racers, police and mafia. Here it is necessary to go by dizzy speed to win a treasured prize.

The Run innovations


The run - an illegal race which lies from San Francisco to New York. The player should overcome a set of canyons, deserts, mountains and another to come very first to finishing line. It should be noted the main advantages of this part of a series which consist in excellent graphics, thanks to the new Frostbite 2 engine. Also It should be noted the advanced system of a game with friends on network which became possible thanks to Autolog. It is possible to carry the system of restart to the main innovations. Earlier, after clicking of the corresponding button (by default the R key), the player revived near the place of accident, but now all is a little differently. On all path of a race checkpoints are scattered. If the person had an accident, crashed with other car or just went not to that party, then after clicking of the corresponding button it will revive near such checkpoint.


Change of the car in The Run

It should be noted that in this part the change of the car is made otherwise, in difference from the previous games of a series. To replace own car or its color, it is necessary to reach to special places - gas stations. On them, the player can select some other car which approaches a certain area more. To start the choice of the car, it is necessary to come around on gas station then the special menu will open. Several cars from which the player and can select the most optimal variant will be presented in this menu. To see these gas stations, it is necessary to look to a thicket at the radar which is in the screen lower left corner. They will be designated by the corresponding icon, and here the most important is not to pass by.

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