As in Oblivion to become the vampire

As in Oblivion to become the vampire

Unlike the world of the game Morrowind, in Oblivion completely there are no clans of vampires, and communities of blood-suckers represent separate and not connected groups. Having become the vampire, the player will be able to interact with similar, but no new quests or story lines before him will be found.

It is required to you

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  • - computer game of Oblivion


1. To become the vampire in Oblivion, it is necessary to meet vampires. Move off in their searches in locations of Nornalkhorst, the Fort Red Water or the Empty cave. Besides, it is possible to meet vampires executing quest of Guild of thieves Impudent robbery – in the sewerage where your character will get on a plot. Besides, it is possible to meet vampires on a plot when performing quest of Guild of magicians Information for service – in a cave Bloody Cork.

2. Having found the vampire, provoke him to the attack (for example, having applied on it a spell or having attacked the first). Engage with the vampire, at the same time trying to be exposed as much as possible to its attacks until he infects your character with a disease of Porfirinovaya hemophilia. Having got a disease, kill the vampire and restore health. After that go to the next dwelling and you go to bed. In three days a disease of Porfirinovaya hemophilia will turn into Vampirism which can be cured only at the kvestovy character.

3. Other way to become the vampire in Oblivion is to enter Dark Brotherhood. For this purpose imperceptibly from other game characters kill the civilian or the character, friendly to you. At the first opportunity you go to bed, and in a dream to you the representative of Dark Brotherhood Lucian Lachans will be.

4. Accept its task for Rufio's murder. Go to a location Bravil and find a tavern the Bad sign. There, in one of rooms, find Rufio and kill him. After that approach a bed and you go to bed. In a dream you will be told coordinates of base of Dark Brotherhood. Go there, answer the asked question and talk to the character Vincent Valtiyeri. Following the results of a conversation agree to become the hitman and take from it quest on murder of the pirate.

5. After that to you the new turn of a plot and new quests will open. Execute them to deserve Vincent Valtiyeri's arrangement. After execution of the last quest a murder Performance will offer you in an award the Dark gift – transformation into the vampire. Accept an award and you go to bed. In three days your character will become a vampire.

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