As in Opera to block the website

As in Opera to block the website

Bothered what your child instead of lessons plays online or hangs up on social networks? Or you are disturbed by advertizing, the jumping-out banners and other pictures on often visited sites? Then block pages or any elements on the websites.

It is required to you

  • - Internet;
  • - Opera browser.


1. Open the Opera web browser. Above there is a menu. If it is absent, in the upper left corner click "Menu" (under a browser character) and check opposite to the line "Show the Menu".

2. Come into the Tools tab. Select the General settings item. The settings window can also be opened by clicking of Ctrl+F12 keys.

3. Open the Expanded tab. In it the column is provided at the left. Select in it the inscription "Contents".

4. Click below the Blocked Contents button. To close access to the website, in the appeared window enter one or several websites and click OK. Now in attempt to open the websites specified in the list the Opera browser displays the warning that the web address is blocked.

5. Block some contents the saytablokirovka of the websites can be partial. If you need to hide only some elements of the website, come on it in the Opera browser and click with the right mouse button. Select the line "Block Contents" and click on those elements which you want to hide. When clicking each object on it the red line with an inscription will appear "Is blocked". At the top of a window there is a menu on blocking of contents. Press the button "Is ready" which is located on the right. Now unnecessary pictures or other information will not be visible.

6. Close access to the websites via the hostsmozhno file to block the website on the computer. For this purpose enter local disk C – Windows - System32 – Drivers – etc. Click 2 times the hosts file. There will be a window with the offered programs, select in the Notepad list and click "OK". In the most bottom line write the IP address of the website which you want to block, and through a space a name of its node. You can specify the IP address of your computer ( For example:

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team