As in Schoolmates to complain of the user

As in Schoolmates to complain of the user

The issue of how to complain of the user on social network "Odnoklassniki", becomes topical recently. In the course of promoting on social network there are swindlers who give to other users the mass of an inconvenience: create pages - doubles, send undesirable advertizing or make any other actions unpleasant to other users.


1. To create the complaint to the specific user to whom there are claims open the page of the profile on this social network. Pass to the page of the user of whom you want to complain. It is possible to find him by means of the line "Search". There is a search window in the upper right corner of a page. If the malefactor visited your page, he can be found in the section "Guests" which is in the top line.

2. Having clicked addressed to the user, you will get on its page in "Schoolmates". On the page of the user, under its main photo, there is a window containing different tabs. Select from them the Still tab and click it. Now find the line "Complain" in a pop-up menu and click it.

3. You will have to specify the reason of the complaint to the user in the opened window, having selected it from four available. The reasons for which it is possible to complain: registration of the malefactor under the stranger (or invented) a name, insults to other users, distribution to networks of spam or advertizing, placement of obscene photos. Having specified the corresponding complaint, click the word "Complain", located under the list. The complaint is sent for consideration. The administration of the website considers the complaint approximately within a week.

4. If you want to receive hundred percentage result of the complaint, ask the acquaintances, relatives, colleagues, friends and the family to complain of this user also. All who will file a complaint to the user of Odnoklassniki should specify the same reason which early was specified by you. Thus, moderators both administration of the website, and result will quicker react to your complaint you receive positive: the account of the malefactor will be deleted from social network "Odnoklassniki".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team