As in terraria to make a chest

As in terraria to make a chest

Terraria, perhaps, would be less interesting to gamers if they in its different locations had no chance unexpectedly to find various valuable resources. Such riches, as usual, are kept in chests which players can make also for saving of own treasures.

Where chests in terraria are found

To hide one of the easiest ways in Terraria any values - to put them in a chest. It belongs not only to the property of the player, but also to resources which he gets.

In a hardmoda it is worth being extraordinary careful with unfamiliar chests. It easily can be not storage of treasures, and the artful monster masking under it - the imitator.


Chests of different type to the gamer can meet much. Often both the dungeon, and hell, and even the flying island contains them (it is possible to reach there if to soar at the necessary height). Each their opening will be followed by a pleasant anticipation of a special surprise which usually comes true. Chests contain really seldom coming across resources in especially dangerous locations.

It is possible to open a simple chest in case of its detection for the player. For this purpose it is necessary just to click after given to a subject by the right key of a mouse. However if at similar actions nothing occurs - the chest is locked. Extraction of its contents will require a key. The last needs to be got still, and often it happens extraordinary difficult. For example, in a case with the Chest of the jungle for this purpose it is necessary to destroy even several bosses of different locations.

In a multipleyerny game with the last, by the way, it is necessary to be attentive as the key to it usually opens literally all similar objects on the server. Hardly it will want to the gamer that other players used wealth which by right belongs to it (as to the getter of a master key to the Chest of the jungle), are closer than the others to storages of this kind.

What it is possible to make a chest of

Options of similar objects in Terraria there are almost three dozen. They differ externally, but not on capacity. Usually each chest has about forty slots for placement on them various materials. Certainly, at detection of a ready chest and its opening not the fact that all above-stated cells will be the filled valuable resources, but here when using such thing the gamer will be able to fill it with own riches to the maximum.

Not each type of a chest gives in to a krafting. However it is enough of fact that are available to the gamer for production about ten wooden and some other objects such. The first require wood of the corresponding breed - ebonite, red, palm, perlitovy, darkness, northern, etc. - in number of eight units. It is also necessary for steam of ingots of lead or iron. As a workplace it is necessary to select a workbench.

It is impossible to put gold chests near an entrance to the room. In Terraria many noticed a bug: when opening doors near a similar subject from gold it loses the former properties, turning into ordinary.

The recipe of craft of a honey chest differs from the above only partly. Here too two iron ingots are necessary, and here instead of wood eight portions of honey are used. By the way, the normal machine will not help with its production - the distributor of honey is required. By the way, the chest made thus in respect of functionality it will be perfect as normal.

Many objects of this type cannot be skraftit (and even existence of the admin panel on the server in this situation will not be help). Belong to number of such non-renewable objects shadow, gold, ice, entangled, twined an ivy and some other types of chests. They can only be found - in the corresponding biomes and locations, with unique resources inside.

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