"As in the game Avatariya to receive gold it is free"

"As in the game Avatariya to receive gold it is free"

Many inveterate fans of a popular game in VKontakte of Avatariya repeatedly asked a question and already for certain know how to receive gold in Avatariya is free. And those who came to this game quite recently most likely try to find out it.

As in Avatariya to earn gold it is free

One of the easiest ways is a purchase of voices. So, the participant receives 10 gold coins for one voice. It should be noted, the more voices is subject to exchange, the rate of gold is more favorable. The player needs only to change voices for currency. This way, of course, not free, but the simplest.

In the presence of free time and such uncommon quality as patience, the following method to receive gold in Avatariya  it is free for you. So, at successful execution of simple tasks to you about one gold coin will be charged. Of course, this way to earn the capital very slow, but reliable and correct.

For successful players and those who are constantly lucky in gamblings there is a chance to receive gold in Avatariya is free, having used favor of fate in ""Good luck wheel"". Still, on a game of 4 gold coins.

The same who else deliberates how to receive gold in Avatariya it is free, it is a high time to visit school. At right execution of couple of dozen of tasks for virtual balance for 275 points 50 gold coins will be added. And in addition to everything a pleasant bonus - one or two gold coins for each passable task.

Fans of this game for certain know that it is free of charge possible to receive gold in Avatariya very easily: rather only an every day to come into a game. For the fifth, tenth and fifteenth days to the player in the form of a bonus five and seven gold coins respectively are charged one.

Performing different tasks in the Gold Is Free menu it is possible to earn not bad. But It should be noted that it is necessary to carry out only available and simple tasks which do not require any independent attachments of money.

How to receive gold in Avatariya it is impossible

Perhaps, it is the main ways which can use to receive gold in Avatariya it is free. However it would be desirable to warn the beginning players that in network swindlers are active. For the determined cost they offer certain codes. By means of such code it is, allegedly, possible to receive gold in a game free of charge. Only in the menu of a game there is no window to enter the code. Having paid money to swindlers, you, naturally, do not receive gold or silver coins, but risk to get a virus for the PC and nervous breakdown for the money spent for nothing on which it would be possible to buy voices, later having exchanged them for gold. If after all there was a miracle, and someone managed to earn gold coins in Avatariya in the dishonest way, then from administration the blocking of the account immediately will follow.

Recently between inveterate compulsive gamblers spam wave in the form of the comments urging to receive gold in Avatariya only for visit of someone's pages and leaving on them several comments swept. But it is no more, than the next deception. Money from you for it, of course, will not be withdrawn, but time will be spent for nothing. No reward in the form of gold coins will follow. So it is necessary to arm with above-mentioned ways and with their help to receive gold coins in Avatariya free of charge.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team