As in the game minecraft to make bread

As in the game minecraft to make bread

Bread in Maynkraft allows to restore forces, but it needs to be kraftit. On this process to leave a lot of time therefore it is necessary to make more rolls at once subsequently less often to return to this occupation.

Bread in Maynkraft is very popular type of food. It can be in old chests, abandoned mines and treasuries. However on its search a lot of time therefore it is better to be engaged in its craft can leave. Of course, it is not fast process, but then it will be possible to make so much bread that this resource will last for a long time.


What will be required for bread craft in Maynkraft?


To make bread in Maynkraft it is necessary to have available certain resources. First of all will demand to build a mattock and to catch seeds. After that it will be necessary to select the earth for landing of wheat. Make it not simply as near it there shall be a source. As soon as it is possible to find the suitable place it is possible to plow the field and to seed seeds.


Crops need to be made on the opened dark brown blocks of the earth. For a successful vskhod of their seeds it is necessary to water constantly. That it was succeeded to grow up wheat, it is necessary to construct a fencing as animals (sheep, pigs and cows) will trample down pipes. As a result the trampled earth will lose useful properties.

Gathering bread

That wheat grew, it will be required approximately day, after that it is possible to start its collecting. For this purpose it is necessary to right-click on ears. Wheat will drop out of mature cones, it is not necessary to panic as these seeds can be collected and used for repeated crops. It is possible to make bread of the remained wheat. Each subsequent crops will give to the player more seeds, since it will not need in food as there will be a lot of it. Not to wait so far seeds will ascend, and wheat will ripen, it can go in the mine to go about the own business. Then it is possible to come and reap a crop.

Bread craft

As soon as wheat is picked, it is necessary to start creation of bread. It kraftitsya on a workbench. For receiving roll it will be required to arrange wheat in all central cells in horizontal direction. As a result 1 roll of bread which well restores forces will turn out. It is possible to make cake of this resource, it will give even more hearts, its craft will require more resources.

It is necessary to be engaged in cultivation of wheat from time to time, then it will be simply impossible to starve to death. Of course, this occupation takes a lot of time and effort, but it is necessary. If to grow up bread underground, then it will be possible to find various useful resources which will be useful for craft of any given objects at the equipment of a cave.

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