As in the Opera to change the homepage

As in the Opera to change the homepage

The Opera browser, as well as others, allows users to change the homepage and the standard search engine. It is possible to make it quite easily and simply.

Perhaps, not a secret that some programs during installation can automatically change the homepage in the browser or the standard search engine to own. In certain cases the software notifies the user on such actions and it is possible to turn off such installation, but in others everything occurs differently. Besides, changes can happen not only during installation any software, but also during downloading.


Replacement of the starting (house) page of the browser


The homepage can be changed with ease in settings of the Opera browser. For this purpose it is necessary to select the Setup tab and to select the General settings item. Further it will be offered to user to select what to do at start of the browser, namely - what page to open. For example, if the value has to on "Be begun with the home page", then it is necessary to specify in the respective field its URL address, for example, of On it the procedure of change of the home page in the browser can be considered complete. Such option will be ideal if no other search engine, for example, of Webalta was installed.


Removal of the undesirable homepage

If all the time appears any annoying search engine which the user did not install independently, and at the same time does not clean up in any way, it is necessary to arrive differently. For its removal and normal operability of the browser it is necessary to start "The editor of the register". It is necessary to open the Start menu and to click on the Execute point. The small window in which it is necessary to enter the regedit command will appear. After confirmation of action the register window will open. Here it is necessary to open the Editing tab and to select "Search" where webalta or the name of some other system fits in, for example.

When there are search results, it is necessary to pay the attention to the Value parameter and if there the required name, in this case webalta is specified, then the line should be deleted surely. By means of the F3 button it is necessary to repeat this procedure until all values are not deleted from the register. The same can be done with all similar systems which do not change in normal settings of the browser.

After that it is possible to restart the Opera browser and again in settings to change the homepage. After all these manipulations the home page of the browser will have to be replaced with specified by the user.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team