"As in ""the Stalker: call of Pripyat"" to find an oasis"

"As in ""the Stalker: call of Pripyat"" to find an oasis"

"S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: call of Pripyat" – a computer game which plot consists in search of the reasons which led to crash of five helicopters executing special operation under the name "Waterway". All events happen in Pripyat - the city on the river, in three kilometers from the CNPP.

On search of the mysterious place with a large number of artifacts under the name "Oasis" professor Ozyorsk for confirmation or a denial of a rumor gives a mission that in "Exclusion zone" there is legendary "Oasis". After its detection it is necessary to make sure whether there is in fact "Oasis Heart" - an artifact which on legends was formed in this place.

Search of "Oasis"


Having received a task, it is necessary to go to the Ventilating complex in locations on the Yanov stations which input is in the southern direction from the bunker of scientists, near the railroad.

Locations: "Backwater", neighborhoods of Jupiter on the Yanov stations, the overpass "Pripyat", "Pripyat-1", "H-8 Laboratory". These places need to be passed, for clarification of the reasons which failed the operation "Waterway".


Further it is necessary to move in the room and to shoot the zombie stalkers occurring to the player in the path. Going down under the earth, it is necessary to destroy the mutated "Jerboas". It is necessary to go according to the card further - in the direction of a ventilating complex. After that the room with columns where the teleport is installed appears at the player.

If to follow directly between columns, at the output the teleport will return in the beginning of the room. To go further, it is necessary to be run so four times in different ranks between columns. Overcoming them, there is a luminescence reminding the falling snow at the same time it is possible to hear electric impulses. When shine appears in all four columns, it is necessary to take place consistently in the formed shining arches. As a result of the done actions the teleport is disconnected.

Behind the room with columns, the hall with a high ceiling is located. In a ceiling it is possible to see a huge breach through which the sky is seen. In the center of the hall there is a small pool, having entered which it is possible to restore health. Nearby, on lianas, the player finds an artifact "Oasis Heart".

Artifact "Oasis Heart"

After "Heart of the Oasis" falls prey of the player, there is a pseudo-dog who creates the phantoms doubles causing a physical loss. Doubles disappear at hit in them, and "original" is aside and sometimes attacks. Having beaten off, it is necessary to climb a metal ladder upward and to get out through a breach in a ceiling.

"Oasis heart" - the unique new growth on abnormal vegetation representing a green sphere in the white sphere. The artifact satisfies hunger, increases endurance, improves health and stops bleeding.

The artifact "Heart of the Oasis" is very radioactive, without artifact "Bubble", a large number of an antirad or vodka, it does not make sense to keep it therefore professor should carry it in the bunker Ozyorsk and to receive a reward for it – seven thousand.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team