As in the telegram to look for channels on the iPhone

As in the telegram to look for channels on the iPhone

Modern messengers allow not to be limited to correspondence only with one interlocutor, and "Telegrams" are not an exception. Creators of the messenger will constantly improve the proprietary application that draws attention of users. Among the main tools which simplify life of ordinary people are present "Telegrams" - channels. However not all know how to look for channels in "" "Telegrams" that creates certain difficulties in use of the messenger.

Channels in "Telegram" are unlimited distribution of messages of the user that is practically analogy of publics of VKontakte. The main feature is that channels are not selected in a separate news feed which should be located in the list of dialogs. It should be noted that subscribers in the application receive the notification on fresh records. However participants are peculiar readers and have no opportunity to leave comments in a tape. Despite this, there is a set of interesting channels in "Telegram". The similar functionality arose not at once. At an early stage of existence of the application the mailing was carried out by bots that gave popularity. And having analyzed the interests of target audience, creators decided on implementation of the present possibility in standard option. In the similar way there were channels which give an opportunity to receive not only messages, but also thematic news, a photo, video and other information. 

Basis history

It is interesting that the idea of creation of similar software appeared in 2011. Then Durov had problems. Special forces soldiers came to him more than once. After one such visit, Pavel wrote to the brother. Here he also realized that there is no safety in its correspondences. As a result of an encryption of Nikolay, the brother Pavel, were useful for the new project. "Telegrams" which was only an experiment earlier, received special coding which does not allow anybody to obtain personal data of users.

How to find the channel in "Telegram" about the iPhone?

Yes just as from any other device. The interface of the messenger does not change and is unified on all gadgets. If you have no purpose of search of any certain channel, then can refer to directories. Usually in them the most interesting and popular chats are collected. For example, "" is a directory with the huge choice of channels. They are categorized: music, books, art, news, movies and so forth. Here you will unambiguously find a chat necessary to you.


It is one more option of search of channels in Telegram. Popular chats gather audience thanks to a gossip hotline. To send to the friend cool channel, it is possible to send it the publication from there. So it will be able to pass into a chat and will join it. Or, as option, it is possible just to send the name that the friend by name found the necessary channel.

Social network

Though it was already mentioned the directory, It is necessary to tell about publics of VKontakte separately. They were already much brought. Look for most "inhabited". In them it is possible to find hundreds of references to different channels. They are specially thrown off by owners of such chats. That is it is a peculiar online site of free declarations. Its shortcoming it is possible to call - disorder. Not always moderators create categories where it is possible to send the link to the thematic channel. Therefore to understand all array of chats not easy. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team