As in the website to put animation

As in the website to put animation

The animated images draw attention of visitors of the websites stronger, than static. Such images happen the GIF and SWF formats. Some modern browsers support also animation of the SVG format.


1. Carry out the choice of a format for the animated image proceeding from own opportunities. Animation of the GIF and SVG formats can create by means of free programs (respectively, GIMP and Inkscape) while for receiving the animated applet of the SWF format it is necessary to use the paid Adobe Flash software package (not to confuse with the free Adobe Flash Player player). Also consider that viewing animation of the GIF format is possible practically in all browsers, except some mobile, the SWF format - only at the installed Flash Player, and the SVG format - only in modern browsers, generally for desktop computers.

2. If you do not wish to create the animated picture independently, use services of one of free banks of such images. Animation of the GIF format can be taken, for example, on the website AnimatedGifs, the SWF format - on the website Free Flash Animations, and the SVG format - on the website Wikimedia Commons in categories Animated SVG. When bringing images to general data meet conditions of licenses.

3. For the room in the web page of the animated image of the GIF format use the HTML-code similar to that which is used for an insert of freeze frame images. If the picture is in the same folder of the server, as the HTML-file, use such code: <img src=animatedimage.gif>. If; it is located t in other folder of the same server, or on other server, alter the code the following sawn-off shotgun: <img src=http://site.domain/folder/otherfolder/animatedimage.gif>. Insert files of the SVG format the same way, with only that difference that they have other expansion: not gif, but svg.

4. Do not try to carry out an insert of the file of the SWF format by means of the img src tag. The embed tag is for this purpose applied, and the code it becomes noticeable more bulky: <embed src= "" animatedimage.swf"" quality= "" high" of" pluginspage= """" of type= "" application/x-shockwave-flash" of" width= "" 320" of" height= "" 270" of" allowScriptAccess= "" sameDomain" of" allowFullScreen= "" True""> </embed>, where animatedimage.swf - a SWF file name (or a full path to it), 320 - width, 240 - height (these numbers can be changed at discretion).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team