As income of the websites depends on the number of visits

As income of the websites depends on the number of visits

To understand as attendance influences income of the website, for a start it is necessary to understand from where this income is gained. There are several main ways of earnings on the websites.

If you are only going to make the website or the blog and do not know what subject to select, approach this question seriously. Do not take a niche, uninteresting and unfamiliar for you. The website becomes not for a year and two, and for many years, and the subject should be interesting to you. Otherwise, you will not be able just to support the website by content and will throw it.

If you already have "the house in the Internet", it is necessary to understand how it will bring profitability and as it is connected with attendance.


The first way of earnings on the website ─ contextual advertizing


In this case you need to sign the contract with Yandex Direct or Google Adwords. These companies will post the declarations on your website. You will receive money for cliques according to these declarations. The more clicks, the there are more money.

The second way ─ earnings on cliques on banners

It ─ banner ad. For this purpose you post others banners on the website, i.e. lease the place. Of course, if the website zero or very small, persons interested to post the banner at you on the website has no attendance. Placement cost different also depends only on attendance.

The third way ─ tizerny advertizing

You, probably, saw how on some websites pictures with different tempting offers on them turn to click. It ─ teasers. The visitor clicks them, to you money is charged.

The fourth way ─ earnings on partner programs

It is, perhaps, the most interesting and profitable way. Is in selling someone else's goods. It can be done both through banners, and through teasers, and a simple sentence in article, inserting the affiliate link there.

For example, different courses which in the Internet much can be such goods. It is necessary to select those which are interesting to you and which have a partner program. Also you can advertize online store or travel company. If the visitor passes from your website into this shop and will make purchase, to you commission charges are charged. At the same time he can make a purchase in shop not at once, and for a long time. Now many businessmen have partner programs.

Approximate statistics is as follows: from 1000 people who saw advertizing or read article will click a banner or 100-300 people will follow the link. From those who passed 1-3 persons will buy. The output arises very simple: the more the person saw, clicked, and then bought, the more there will be earnings from your website. It is also called profitability of the website.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team