As it is correct to write articles for high-quality filling of the website

As it is correct to write articles for high-quality filling of the website

Content is an important component of any website therefore each webmaster is interested in obtaining only the best articles. To write the good text which will be pleasant to both visitors, and search engines it is necessary to work not bad, it is necessary to follow certain rules. Let's sort in more detail the principles of writing of good articles for the website.

Choice of a subject

Everything begins with this point. In a question of the choice of a subject it is possible to be guided by various principles. It can be a certain search phrase under which it is necessary to optimize article for attraction of traffic, or perhaps the author wants to share personal experience, or it is reaction to some event, a news note and so on. But the author should be defined about what the speech will go to publications.

And still it is necessary to select such subjects in which the author well is guided. Each publication on the website first of all is intended for visitors, but not for search robots. Therefore if the author badly understands a subject, then, most likely, qualitative article will not turn out to write.


Further it is necessary to call future article. It also helps to designate a framework in which there has to be an author. In general the first option of heading shall not conform to all requirements. At the end, when article is ready it is possible to change heading and to make it the most relevant to contents. But the final option of heading should be attractive and also correspond to the rules SEO.

Introductory part

This part of article, as well as heading, perform very important function - takes attention of the reader. Therefore in the first Subparagraph of article it is desirable to state such information which will be pleasant to audience which stimulates people to further studying material. Here it is possible to hint about what the speech in the main part of article will go, maybe, to give some intrigue or still something. Also well reception of emphasis of attention works at a certain problem which is considered in article.

Main part

Well, and here the author should give all the best on full. It is necessary to provide to the reader exhaustive information on the main question. It is also possible to supplement article with some interesting information that also helps to keep attention of audience.

To facilitate writing of article, it is possible to outline at first the small plan, having broken information into the main points. Further the author will need to open each point in separate paragraphs, and article is almost ready. By the way, you should not write the text with a solid wall, will difficult read it. It is necessary to break it into separate paragraphs of the small sizes surely.

When writing article it is desirable to be guided by understanding that readers often before attentive reading at first fluently view the publication to understand how the author will state the thoughts. It very much helps with writing of article. So, use of subheadings and lists helps to select highlights in article that very well works at fluent reading article and is suitable for search engine optimization.


In article it is necessary to state thoughts accurately and on business. You should not deviate the main subject therefore if the author wants to tell something in addition, then it is better to write separate article and to point to it the link in the suitable place of the main publication. Such contextual links help not only to follow the main idea, but also to diversify content of the website in general. Also it and the way of internal relinking which very well helps to hold users and also improves internal factors of the website.


When article is written, it is necessary to read it, to correct errors, and now it is possible to publish it on the website. At the publication it is also desirable to diversify text content with suitable pictures which also should be unique. Still it is necessary to state heading and the description of the page in the corresponding tags, it helps to improve visibility of the website in search delivery.


As you can see, to write articles not so difficult. Everything that is required, so it at first is good to study a subject, to make the plan and to open each its point. Practically everyone is capable to cope with this task. The professional differs here only in what can interestingly tell about boring and just about difficult. And to teach it the instruction it will not turn out, it comes only with experience. So for improvement of quality of articles it is necessary to write much and often, and then over time readers will become many times more.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team