As it is possible to calculate the IP address

As it is possible to calculate the IP address

Safety in network — very popular subject at Internet users. It is possible to identify the user connected to worldwide network only to the IP address which was given it at the organization of connection with the Internet. There are both a software, and specially developed technologies which allow to define the IP address of any who is connected to a world wide web.


1. Use the program-sniffer if you want to learn the IP address of that with whom you have at the moment connection. The sniffer is the small program tracing routes along which there took place traffic, and making a picture of path on which there passed information. It contains the addresses of points of assignment, as a rule, it is the sender of a network package (roughly speaking, a piece of data) and his recipient. Respectively, a recipient is that whose IP address needs to be calculated. For this purpose it is only required to have communication with the user and to try to transfer him any data (or to receive them from it), the program-sniffer will be engaged in all the rest: from the data packets transferred on network learns a route, will define the address of the recipient/sender and will display them. Also, if the user is in a local area network of the enterprise or behind the proxy server, advanced sniffers allow to bypass even these restrictions complicating calculation of the IP address.

2. Try also highly specialized ways allowing to learn the IP address through vulnerabilities of the widespread software, for example, of Skype, ICQ or by means of tracking. Similar options are published on the news websites or special forums where search and detection of similar vulnerabilities practices. If the person uses software having vulnerability, then it can be used to calculate the IP address of the interlocutor. However it is worth mentioning that similar activity is penal if not to undertake a measure for concealment of own network address.

3. Contact owners of the website on which there is a person whose IP you try to learn. Administrations of the website are available these data. If you are able to prove what these data are necessary for you for, to you can go to a meeting. Usually similar information is not disclosed, but there are also exceptions.

4. Learn the IP on the specialized websites, for example Data will be provided right after your visit of a resource. When opening the website number will be specified on the page.

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