As it is possible to play games free of charge

As it is possible to play games free of charge

To play a computer game, without having paid anything for it, it is not obligatory to be engaged in piracy. Some of game programs are free at will of developers. Some of them work in the online mode, and others can be started also out of the browser.


1. Consider that copyright of the computer program including game, works similar to the right for any other work - during all life of the author and 70 years after his death. For this reason of the computer games pereshedny in public property in connection with exhaustion of term of protection, does not exist now. There are only games which were made free by developers. The outdated games extended without the permission of developers (abandonware) are illegal. Also consider that if your data plan on Internet access is not unlimited, you should pay data transmission when loading even of free games. If it is planned to download them much, it is recommended to pass to an unlimited rate with the fixed monthly payment irrespective of amount of the accepted and transferred data.

2. Install any large distribution kit of the Linux operating system. About twenty games of different genres can be included in its package - from logical to dynamic with high-quality graphics. One of the most known games of this class is Tux Racer - the simulator of downhill racing of a penguin from the mountain.

3. Download the free simulator of air flights FlightGear. It is cross-platform, that is, works both in Linux, and in Windows. By opportunities it almost does not concede to commercial game programs of the same assignment.

4. The Amstrad company, the present owner of the rights for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum platform, unlike many other vendors of video game consoles and home computers, allows creation of emulators of this machine with use of its images of ROM. Pass to the website World of Spectrum and download from it the emulator of this computer for that platform which you use. In the same place download also free games for start in the emulator. They are laid out on this website with the permission of developers, but concerning many of them there is a ban on distribution through third-party sites.

5. Games for the DOS operating system are located on the website DOS Games Archive. Consider that some of them extend by the principle of shareware, but the percent of those is small. For their start in modern versions of Linux and Windows use the DOSBOX emulator.

6. Install Flash Player plug-in on the computer. After that you have an opportunity to play the SWF format games located on several hundred websites. Such game programs are available, for example, in one of sections of the website of the Atari company. They rather precisely imitate operation of some classical arcade machines of this vendor.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team