As on ip to find the person

As on ip to find the person

Entering into network, the user leaves information on the IP address on each resource visited by him. This address is unique, at the same time in network there cannot be two and more computers with identical ip. Therefore information on it if necessary can help to find the owner of the specific computer.


1. Hackers very well know about what the IP address allows to define who visited the website or was connected to any given computer. For this reason they undertake all measures for concealment of the real address. It is possible to find the person on ip only if it was not hidden, for example, by connection via the proxy server.

2. At first you need to define the IP address of the computer from which the person interesting you connects to the web. It can be done in different ways, here a lot of things depend on a specific situation. For example, if sent you the letter, browse its heading - in it there is always information on the sender's IP address. The heading is understood as not a subject of the letter, but the service information coming together with the text here. For example, in a mail service of Rambler for viewing heading open the letter, select in the Other Actions menu - "Letter headings".

3. Correctly configured computer itself never "climbs" in network. If you see that the connection icon in a tray continually becomes active, check network connections, having gathered in the command line of netstat – aon and having clicked Enter. For opening of the command line (console) pass: "Start-up" - "All programs" - "Standard" - "Command line". In the Foreign address column you will see all connections of your computer.

4. The suspicious IP address should be checked on one of the network services providing service to who-is. For example, here: It is necessary to know that at best you will be able to define provider through whom the owner interesting you ip connects to the web. If from this address against you any illegal actions were carried out, you can report about it to provider, having specified the exact time, the IP address and having described a situation. Anyway, no data on the client will tell you, such information is issued only to law enforcement agencies.

5. If you could define the IP address of the person interesting you, the only real way to collect about it some data is connected with cracking of its computer that in itself is illegal. Similar actions can be justified (in terms of morals, but not the law) only if this person deceived you or made other illegal acts, at the same time by lawful methods you did not manage to achieve anything. In this case you have the right to protect yourself.

6. Find the Metasploit program in network, read available information on its application. There are versions of the program both under Windows, and under Linux, this quite licensed application for system testing. Using Metasploit, you will be able to check the remote computer for presence of vulnerabilities. If they are, you will have an opportunity to get on the computer of the malefactor and to collect information interesting you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team