As on the website to leave the comment

As on the website to leave the comment

After viewing any given website sometimes there is desire to thank his creators for the done work or, on the contrary, to point to some errors. It is possible to inform of the opinion owners of a resource, having left on it the comment.


1. Make sure that on the website there is a form for adding of messages from visitors. This parameter is set by the administrator. If it disconnected a possibility of commenting of materials of the website, at you it will not turn out to express the opinion. Study the lower part of the Internet page. If this option is included, you will see the field for the comment directly under material.

2. Attentively consider the materials presented on the website. Often articles are placed in two blocks. The first contains the preview – summary of contents of article and/or a thematic illustration, and the second block is the body text of material. You will be able to leave the comment if you pass to the second block. For this purpose it is necessary to click a line link with article heading. Quite often at the end of the preview put a phrase or the word link "Read Further" or "In more detail". On some resources the reference to comments is given in the first block. In this case it is rather simple to you to click the word "Comment", and you will automatically pass to a window in which it is possible to leave the message.

3. Print the comment in the empty field and press the Add button. On some Internet resources you will need to enter the test code from a combination of digits and/or letters. Sometimes it is also required to report about himself additional data, for example, to leave the e-mail address, to report the name or a nickname. Mandatory fields are always noted by a special character. Most often it is a red asterisk.

4. Find the sections "Guest" and "Forum" on the website. In them you can also leave the messages. Fall by the end of the page. There should be an empty field. Enter the text of the comment and press the Poison button. If at a forum there is no option of prompt reply, press the Add the Answer or Answer button. Before you the page for input of the message will open. Having written the comment, click on "Send".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team