As on the website to make an avatar

As on the website to make an avatar

During creation of an attractive avatar for the website it is necessary to consider that on the basis of your photo the users will judge you as about the personality. In most cases awaking with a suitable photo for your page, for example, the picture with own pet. If to find a little time and to show imagination, then it is possible to think up the unusual picture on the website.


1. First of all be photographed or find already available photo. You should not select the image where you it is badly visible. Looking at it, net surfers should see well your eyes, and the look should be friendly.

2. Try to find out the size of your photo. Some resources demand certain proportions of the picture when loading. Many websites squeeze the image, but it will be best of all if you do it.

3. Cut off a photo on the proportions set in avatars on a resource for which you will do the picture on a page. And it is possible to use applications of the website, for example, as "MEGA of Avatars - FotoStatusa and the Avatar!" on social network "VKontakte". Here it is possible to select some status under a photo or to add special effects to the image.

4. Add any visual effects from the photo editor. You can remove defects on a face, for example, eels if such are available. The most available editors are Microsoft Photo Editor and Paint which are a part of standard programs on the computer. In the first it is possible to change contrast, shades and illumination of a photo. In the second cut off the photo.

5. Edit the image so that to narrow as much as possible an avatar in horizontal direction. In that case after loading it will be so big, as far as possible. It is possible to take the picture black-and-white the website, to add color and contrast. As a rule, in the majority, the pictures made on simple cameras have a lack of contrast and black color.

6. Add such effects. If there is desire, blur a photo on edge or install a frame if the picture very light. Use the imagination, however you remember: too much you should not process the photo as the natural photo will look much better. Excesses are not necessary.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team