As on two computers to part the Internet

As on two computers to part the Internet

For connection of two computers to an Internet channel there are two main schemes. In the first case it is necessary to use the special equipment, for example, the router. The second option assumes setup of one of the PC as the server.

It is required to you

  • - router;
  • - network cables;
  • - network interface cards.


1. If you prefer to configure a local area network with use of the router, buy the specified equipment. For connection of desktop computers it is more reasonable to use the router without the Wi-fi support of the channel.

2. Connect computers to LAN ports of the router. This connection should be carried out with use of the network cable with the connectors RJ45.

3. Connect a cable of provider to the router. For this purpose at the device there is a WAN or DSL port. Configure the router so that the device got access to the server of provider. For this purpose study recommendations at a forum of the relevant company.

4. For setup of the Internet for two computers without use of the router you will need, in total, three network adapters. Install two of them in that computer which will perform functions of the server. Connect to them a cable of provider and the twisted pair cable.

5. A patch cord connect the free end to the network interface card of the second computer. Configure connection to the Internet on the first PC. Check its working capacity.

6. Now pass to setup of the second adapter. Open TCP/IPv4 protocol parameters. Activate point allowing to use the static IP address. Enter its value. Include function of automatic delivery of DNS servers.

7. In properties of connection to the Internet activate the General Access parameter. It will allow the second computer to get access to external resources.

8. Turn on the second computer. Open the Network Connections menu. Pass into a dialog box of settings of TCP/IPv4 protocol. Include function of use of the static address. Specify its value located in the same zone as the IP address of the network interface card of the first computer.

9. Independently set value of DNS servers. For this purpose enter in both available the server computer IP address fields. Save parameters and check a possibility of connection to external resources.

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