As on ucoz to put a background

As on ucoz to put a background

The management system of the website Ucoz offers the users the wide choice of standard background templates consisting of 246 units. However not always even such quantity can satisfy all tastes of people therefore at this system there is a possibility of replacement of a background on own.


1. You can create a background for your website independently that will occupy a large number of time, and can change already existing. To go on the second, easier path, come in "The editor of pages" and select the option "General settings". Opposite to the Design of the Website point click the Select Design button. Find the template which is the most suitable to you in the appeared window and open it. Now you need to edit initial design of the website. But for a start remember one important thing: images of which the background consists are registered in css or in html.

2. If pictures are registered in the first option, then find "Design" in a top panel then pass into the section "Management of Design (CSS)". In the received window below you will see template contents. Now you need to find a line which contains record: #header {background: url (‘/ee.jpg’) No-repeat; height: 182px;. This code is the address of a cap of your website. There find the address of the picture. In different templates they are located in different places. If pictures are registered in Html, then select "Management of design (templates)". In the received window, slightly lower, click the line "Top Part of the Website" and find such line: td height=" 193 ″ width=" 698 ″ style=" background: url(/‘/.s/t/341/7.jpg’) left no-repeat;. Here too it is necessary to define the picture.

3. Now, to find the required image, pass to the view address: "the address the picture website/address from a template". Further you need to make a website cap. If your picture has the sizes other than the sizes initial, you should correct image size in a template or the file of styles. After you draw or you optimize the image, save a cap in the directory by means of the file manager of the website. After that change the address of the current picture to the address of created. Save and check the result. In precisely the same way arrive with other images of design of the website. It is also possible to create the new design for all page and to tie it to the website.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team