As register the domain

As register the domain

One of integral parts of the Internet are domain names. The domain name is an addressing mode on the Internet. It is a way of unambiguous identification of the website. The corporate websites, blogs, forums, personal pages - all this is addressed by means of domain names. In the modern world each Internet user thinks sooner or later of how to register the domain. Meanwhile, this procedure is rather simple.

It is required to you

  • Web browser, Internet access.


1. Find several loggers or resellers of loggers which make registration of domains. Search engines can help Google with it, for example.

2. Select the registrar or the reseller of the logger of domains whose services you will use. Compare lists of the services offered by services of registration from the list made at the previous stage. Compare the prices, possible payment methods, lists of domain zones in which registration of domains is offered. Make a choice. As a rule, registration of domains at resellers is much more favorable, than directly at loggers. Resellers can offer much lower prices. At the same time service of the domain will still be made by the accredited logger. But the technical support will be given by the reseller.

3. Register in the selected service. Process of registration takes several minutes and is very similar to registration in forums, social networks and other similar services. Most likely, you will need to enter passport data.

4. Enter the control panel of service of registration of domains. Different loggers have the differing control panels. However use of them does not make special work. As a rule, in the control panel the help on work with it and also general information and recommendations concerning process of registration of domains is always available.

5. Fill up the client account with one of available ways. Usually services of registration of domains allow replenishment of the client account electronic money, plastic cards, by bank transfers.

6. Register one or several domains. Pass into the section of registration of domains of the control panel. Enter names of domains which you would like to register. Follow the instructions offered by the mechanism of registration of domains. Before registration the domain names will be checked for availability. If one or several domain names are already registered, the corresponding message will be displayed. After successful registration, the registered domains will be displayed in the control panel of service. For them it will be possible to specify the list of DNS servers then delegation process will begin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team