As to add the picture to the letter

As to add the picture to the letter

Sometimes there are cases when it is just necessary to add any image to the text of the letter. And to include in a message body, but not just to attach it. And now such opportunity is available in the majority of mail services.

It is required to you

  • - the registered e-mail on one of mail services;
  • - personal computer.


1. Diversify the electronic message sent by e-mail, the picture quite perhaps. For this purpose it is enough to register in any e-mail and to start writing of the message.

2. For example, mail service "Mail. ru" suggests the clients to use during creation of letters one of subjects for execution of the message. In this case your letter will be located on the background selected by you. In archive "the Mail. ru" they are provided on each case.

3. After you open a window for creation of the new letter, you can switch to the enhanced mode allowing to edit messages and in the section "Style" to select a subject, necessary for design. Click "Send".

4. In same "Майл.ру" there is one more fine opportunity to decorate the message with beautiful pictures. That to use it, pass into the section "Cards". It can be found in the list of all projects of service listed on the top working panel, or having hammered the link in an address bar.

5. Having appeared on the following page, select a card from the offered directory. The instruction in special graphs what category of users it is addressed (the column to "Whom" - on the right) and what type of the message is supposed to be used (column "That") will help to facilitate search of the most suitable image.

6. Click the pleasant drawing then in the left column enter a name and the address of the user to which this message is intended. Specify date of sending the letter. In the section "Messages" write the necessary text. It can be added to the project from any other document, previously having copied in the source code and having inserted by means of the mouse button or the Ctrl+V keys.

7. One more interesting option of sending the beautiful letter is possible upon transition to the partition "Draw" in the Cards project into "Майл.ру". Follow the link and in "body" of the message or add the picture from the offered options, or load the image or video. For this purpose click the link with the corresponding inscription and pass to the following page. It will open in a new window.

8. Then select loading option the images – from the computer, from an album, from the Internet or the webcam - and click "Load".

9. The possibility of adding in the message of the image is available also to mail from Yandex. For this purpose in a window of the new letter click on the icon of "Card", select the first in the list Draw a Card item. And in the menu of drawing select the Load the Drawing item. Then select the place of the image and add it to the project, having clicked "Enclose Letter". Now you can write the message and send it to the addressee.

10. Similar function of an insert of the image in a body of the letter is supported also by the Gmail mailbox. That to use it, pass to the page of creation of the new letter, in the Setup menu (it is located a verzny corner on the right) select the option "Experimental Functions". Find the Insert of Pictures and Include point in the list of operations. Save changes.

11. In the letter select "Expanded formatting". Find the panel with the icon. Then in the message put the cursor to the place of adding of the picture and click the icon "Insert the image". Specify the location of the file on the computer, add it to the letter and you can send.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team