"As to find the flying island in a game of ""Terrarium"""

"As to find the flying island in a game of ""Terrarium"""

Terraria, as well as many other "sandboxes", is nowadays very popular. Despite of quite simple graphics and two-regularity, it is interesting to the admirers by a set of different locations, a certain variability of game missions and a variety of resources which should be got. Really unique materials can be found on the so-called soaring islands.

Where the flying islands are found

Soaring, or flying, islands - a location very interesting. Here the player's task of production of resources becomes complicated as he has new enemies - the harpy and a wyvern (the last is present only when switching on hardmod). However even a hypothetical opportunity to meet them frightens not all gamers - at least because the award in case of a victory can be really standing.

On the flying island the player will find those resources which will not meet in one of other places. For example, the happy horseshoe removing porezhdeniye from falling, the red sphere increasing height of jumps, a sword "star rage" causing to the opponent the strengthened loss due to use of heavenly bodies, etc. Such wealth sometimes is in chests in similar locations. The only problem - there still it is necessary to reach.


That the gamer did not wander aimlessly about a play space in search of the flying island, it is important to it to know where in general it is possible to find this congestion of blocks soaring over the earth (the main of them - cloudy). On the small card the most probable height for its detection – 453 feet, on average – about 650, and on big – about 818.

Ways of detection of the soaring islands

For orientation in space to the player will not prevent to use a depth gage or GPS. The first of them allows to see height of finding of the player - in feet. Its production requires four gold, eight silver and ten copper bars. Sometimes it is possible to receive this accessory in finished form - if it dropnt from bats. GPS shows not only depth/height of finding of the player, but also distance from a point of its spavn. It is possible to make it only in a workshop of the inventor and from enough expensive objects - a depth gage, a compass and the gold watch.

However, above-mentioned devices will only allow to determine coordinates in which are the gamer's character, and in search of the flying islands their help will be only relative. The shot in air over itself will be a little more exact method in this plan. At the same time it is better to be in a forest biome as over it the soaring islands most often are located.

The water shot (the magic weapon which is coming across only in a dungeon on bookshelves) or meteoritic bullet will be suitable for firing. It is possible to skraftit the last on the anvil (made of lead or iron), and its production requires a meteoritic ingot and 25 mushketny bullets. If after a shot up any of such cartridges they ricochet - means, over the player definitely something is available. It is quite possible that there will be flying islands.

Meanwhile, at the initial stage of a gameplay of resources for production of similar ammunition in stock, as a rule, not yet. Therefore it is worth using simpler weapon - a wind gun or the space gun. Having shot from them up, it is necessary to listen to a sound. If it seemed that bullets get to the earth or to a liana, almost for certain it will mean that over the gamer the soaring island hung up.

One more method of their search is good only when the player in an arsenal already has a gravitation potion. It is made at the alchemical station of a dead grass, the ognetsvet, a feather, a flickering root and, of course, a bottle with water. This medicine should be drunk and just to soar at the necessary height, trying to discover the flying islands. Only it is important to do it quickly as the potion works only three minutes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team