As to install whatsapp on the computer

As to install whatsapp on the computer

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messengers as of 2019. According to its founders, in service more than one billion users are registered. The program for fast message exchange was developed especially for phones, but it is possible to use the application and on the computer. It is possible to carry out it in several ways.

Web version of WhatsApp

To use the messenger on the computer, it is possible not to download it, and just to synchronize its work on the PC with phone by means of the browser. It can be done very simply: visit the client's website in the browser of the laptop or the computer, to cause the application on the phone, to open in it the menu (it is in the upper right corner and is designated in the form of three vertical points). In the menu it is necessary to find the WhatsApp Web tab and to click it. At this moment on the page of the website in the browser there will be a QR code which will be required to be scanned by means of phone camera.

The mobile device needs to be held exactly, to direct the camera precisely to the code. When aiming at it and focusing the runner begins to move. If everything is made correctly, then literally in several seconds in the browser the application with all chats of the user is opened. Functionality of the web version same, as well as mobile. Only that there is no opportunity so far to communicate with the help of audiocalls. This option on use of WhatsApp on computers is considered the simplest.

The official application for Windows

The second way also simple, but will already demand direct program installation on the PC. For this purpose it is necessary to pass to the official site of the messenger, to find the Download tab in the menu, to click it.

The window with a possibility of the choice of the operating system on which the client is installed will open. Unfortunately, not such option will be suitable for all operating systems.

It is necessary to select a line with a suitable system, to click it. Loading of the WhatsAppSetup.exe installation file will begin. After that it needs to be found and opened. Further it is worth following hints of a system. Program installation ends with scanning of the QR code, as well as in the first case.

Some users have problems with scanning of the barcode. In these cases advise to update the version of the client to the last relevant, to replace the browser or to update existing, to close one of cameras at the time of focusing (if the camera not one). If all these ways did not help and the web version did not manage to be started, then it is possible to use one more way. The same option will suit those who did not find the operating system in the list offered on the website of the developer and subjects who has no smartphone at all, but is desire to communicate by means of this messenger with friends.

The WhatsApp installation by means of the emulator

The emulator — the program which is specially developed for fans of work on the PC. It helps to install any application working on the smartphone on the desktop computer or the laptop. There is a lot of emulators, it is possible to pick up any on the taste more suitable and convenient. One of popular the BlueStacks emulator is considered.

For work with the client it will be necessary to download BlueStacks, following instructions of the installer. Usually installation does not cause difficulties. Further it is necessary to find software of WhatsApp in the emulator, to download it, also following instructions. After that registration in the client, its authentication by means of mobile phone number is made (the confirmation code comes to number). After passing of all procedures it will be possible to use the messenger for its direct designated purpose.

The two first ways have one shortcoming: the mobile phone in operating time in the program on the PC should be always connected to the Internet. Otherwise it will not turn out in any way. In a case with the emulator work without smartphone is possible.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team