As to pay purchase on AliExpress with PayPal

As to pay purchase on AliExpress with PayPal

It is impossible to pay purchases on AliExpress with PayPal today. If on the e-wallet there is money, then at first they should be brought to a card. The payment service provider can be applied if the refund from the seller is carried out.

One of the most popular payment methods of goods on AliExpress is use of the plastic card. It is connected with a possibility of fast carrying out payment without need to pay services to intermediaries. Because of fear that information on the bank account will appear in hands of swindlers, many refuse such option, giving preference to payment service providers.

One of them is PayPal. The system is convenient to those who make purchases on various trading floors, sell goods. The popularity of a system is connected also with the fact that it is available for any place in the world. To users an opportunity to control balance, to monitor movement of money opens.


Before paying purchases, pass to the website of PayPal for registration. Any full age user can create the purse. After start of the procedure of opening of the account there is an opportunity to select a personal or corporate view. Natural persons suit the first option.

Fill the offered form. Passport data are surely specified. This requirement is connected with the new laws which became effective since 2015. It will be necessary to confirm and open the account.

Link the card or recharge

This option gives the chance to make payment from a card, without opening its data before the seller. It is possible not to bind plastic, but in this case information from it it is necessary to enter every time. Fill all fields, including the protective code located from a reverse side.

Feature of payment service provider – an opportunity to make payments without application of a card. It is possible to refill balance of the e-wallet by means of other payment service provider, ATMs or a card.

Payment on AliExpress

Earlier on this trading floor it was possible to make payment in different ways. Today for the purpose of protection of buyers against fraudulent actions to pay purchases through the specified system it will not turn out. The only option – an output of the remains from the electronic account on a card. You will select on AliExpress "Payment by the cash card". It is possible to make payment and on the settlement account of the seller.

Step by step payment looks so:

  • on the homepage find "Display means";
  • on the website you will select AliExpress "Use other card" in the menu "Payment methods";
  • fill attributes;
  • key "Is ready", you will select "Confirm and pay".

Thus, PayPal cannot be used for payment of goods on AliExpress. The only situation when the account is useful, need of receiving a refund, for example, for out of time delivered goods is. In this case it is necessary to create a dispute or to agree personally with the seller about transfer of the necessary sum.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team