As to recognize e-mail by the login

As to recognize e-mail by the login

At visit of different forums, chats, social networks and other resources quite often there is desire to recognize e-mail of any given person by its login on the website. By the login it is possible to find out also the postal address if you forgot it.


1. Pass into a profile with personal information of the user necessary to you on the website. If you are at a forum or a chat, try to click a nickname of the person over its picture avatar. After that you or will pass at once into its profile, or will see the corresponding link in a context menu. Look whether e-mail of the person in its personal data is specified. If it is not there, try to send to the user the private message and to ask the e-mail address directly, for example, for a private conversation on any given subject.

2. Use information in personal data of the person if you are in social network. The line with the e-mail address on these resources usually is filled in by the person at registration without fail. There is already mentioned possibility of sending to the user of the private message.

3. Try to enter the login (nickname) of the person in one of Internet search engines and look at results. Even if you did not manage to find out its e-mail address on one of the main resources, by means of the procedure of global search you can learn where the person on the Internet under this login is still registered. Among the list of all appropriate resources there can quite turn out be on what the user left the e-mail.

4. If you need to remember own e-mail for an input on the website, write the letter of administration of a resource to some of available methods (online - the messenger, from other e-mail, the internal message, etc.), report in it when and under what login you registered on the website and ask to remind your e-mail. Even if the administration has no right to disclose similar data, specialists can change initially specified e-mail address to any other according to your instruction thanks to what you will be able to visit through it the website.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team