"As VKontakte to delete all friends at once"

"As VKontakte to delete all friends at once"

Social networks open great opportunities before the user, but also impose responsibility for perfect acts. Several mouse clicks it is possible "to friend" a great number of friends, however subsequently it is easy to regret deeds. And it is not so simple to correct a situation.

On the Internet a lot of things become or very easily and quickly, or very difficult and slowly. Half measures meet too, but is normal not when it is necessary to correct a situation as soon as possible. Especially it is shown in work of social networks. Evening "search of friends" often comes to an end with morning global "cleanings".


Unsafe way


It is well known that additional programs which users download for improvement of functionality of VKontakt conceal in themselves the mass of dangers. From the viruses abducting your logins and passwords to the advertizing spam, in a set propagating in network. Nevertheless, if you are ready to risk and receive the fast solution of "friendly problems", an output is.


The small applet of VkBot is intended just for "clear-out" of friends. It is necessary to download it, to set and enter under the login and the password. Further it is necessary to press in it the Profile button, then "Friends" and to find the reference "Delete All Friends". One mouse click will solve the arisen problem.

At the program rich opportunities. You can delete all friends, select certain criteria, eliminate the sent application, import friends from the file, export the list of foreign friends or just notify when your friend appeared on social network.

Also the so-called scripting option belongs to unsafe ways. Select "My friends", copy a special script in an address bar. It's done!

Now, if you were lucky not to catch a virus, it is possible "to frendit" everyone again.

Safe way

If not to consider a classical case with the constant choice of the friend, on "Delete with click from friends" and so on, that is one, say, extreme way when all problems with "the friendly list" are solved once and for all.

For this purpose it is rather simple to you to delete own page. There is no VKkontakt's account - there is no problem if to paraphrase the known saying. At you the lot of time on more useful, interesting and correct affairs in the real world will be released at once. And a way not comic as can seem. Quite so many users arrive, instantly solving all the problems.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team