E-mail: how to send the message

E-mail: how to send the message

E-mail – convenient means for conducting correspondence and sending images among which advantages the lightning speed of delivery of messages and the user interface, clear at the intuitive level, appears.


1. Make the text of the message and throw files on the computer if you are going to complement with them the letter and they are in memory of phone, camera and any other electronic device.

2. Come into a mailbox, if necessary register it on the corresponding websites (mail.ru, yandex.ru, google.ru, rambler.ru, etc.). This service is absolutely free.

3. Create the new letter. For this purpose click on the link "New Letter" or "Write", before you the form for filling will open. In the field to "Whom" specify the e-mail address of the recipient. Make sure of correctness of its writing. It is possible to register in addition a letter subject, but it is not an obligatory attribute for sending.

4. Type the text in the specially allotted field or insert already prepared option.

5. Attach additional files. For this purpose the Attach button is provided in each mailbox. Click it. Before you the special window will open. Select an icon of the necessary file. If among the displayed icons there is no necessary option, so it is necessary to look for it in other folder. It becomes so: • Click in the top part of the opened window an arrow which is in one line with the word "Folder". In reply the list of the possible places intended for information storage should drop out. • Select the place, and then and the folder in which there is a file.· click "Open", downloading begins after that. Some mailboxes are equipped with the additional Load button. If it is provided, then to start loading it is necessary to click it.

6. After you attached additional files, typed the text of the message and entered a destination address, follow the link "Send" located after a letter form. Within several seconds the addressee will receive your message. If it did not occur, check correctness of contact information.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team