For what ban in WOT

For what ban in WOT

World of Tanks or WOT – a popular network game in which players manage tanks, battling against each other. For violation of the rules of a system the administration of a game can ban participants, limiting their possibilities of access.

Primary reasons of the ban

The ban of the player comes in case of violation of the game servers of WOT of rules installed by administration by it. Also other participants of game process can file a complaint to the player. First of all the participants offending and provoking other players are excluded from a game. The in-game chat is attentively studied by administration and if any player begins to offend members of the or enemy command or to sneer at them, forcing to clash with each other, he immediately receives the ban. In a chat strong language is also traced therefore only polite or neutral communication without mat and nasty words is allowed. Manifestation of racism and internationalism is forbidden.

The players sending spam by means of a chat – the advertisements which are not relating to a game are subject to the ban. Also the administration punishes for flood, that is senseless communication and filling of a chat a set of unnecessary offers that strongly interferes with the game process. The participants intimidating the opponents and sending them threats of real punishment are excluded from a game. Slander, insult of moderators of the server and administrators of a game is forbidden.


The heavy acts leading to full loss of access to the account

Any kinds of fraud, for example, placement of links to the game resources which are not relating to this project as it leads to loss of audience of a game and hit of users on the fraudulent resources intended for illegal withdrawal of personal information or money of players are prohibited. Here mailing of messages of administration belongs or to tell other players with a request the login and the password of the current or other profile.

Fraud is also mailing of messages to other users of the project on behalf of administrators with the offer to install or update the software and also dissemination of any information causing a loss to users or creators of the project.

Separate factor of receiving the ban is the unsportsmanlike behavior when the player begins to block deliberately the equipment of allies and in every possible way to prevent the command to gain a victory in fight or just to move ahead on any given section of the card. It is forbidden to push out the allied equipment under the opponent's fire, to push together it from breaks, etc. Besides, the ban is given at deliberate drawing damages to allies that is traced automatically.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team