For what it is necessary to WebMoney keeper

For what it is necessary to WebMoney keeper

Today many users at the computer not only have a rest, but also work, and do it remotely. For payment of different services the special WebMoney keeper program was created.

What is Webmoney keeper and for what it is necessary? First, if the user of the personal computer, for example, buys something on the Internet or pays some services, then it needs special electronic payment service provider. Today them there is very much also one of the most popular - Webmoney.


How to work with Webmoney?


To work with this payment service provider, the user will need the special software, named Webmoney keeper. As specialists speak, it is the best of all to install the version of WebMoney keeper classic as it has full functionality and at the same time, is quite easy-to-work. At first the user should visit the official site of WebMoney from where and it is possible to download this program on the computer. After installation, it is necessary to register on the same website and to activate Webmoney keeper classic.


After start and activation directly of the WebMoney keeper program, the user needs to create purses. Each of them may contain different currency, for example: rubles, dollars, euro, etc. Certainly, by default they will be empty and in order that they could use, it is required to fill up them via special terminals of payment. In principle, these terminals are in each city. The user can enter under the login and the password on the official site of WebMoney and to specify a location of terminals for payment in the city.

For what it is necessary to WebMoney keeper?

On it registration procedure, creations and activations of e-wallets is completed. After that it is possible to use Webmoney keeper to buy some things in the online stores supporting this electronic system, to pay different services and other. Besides, the user by means of the e-wallet can instantly refill balance of the mobile phone, pay utility bills.

It is worth remembering some security measures. For example, many owners of the e-wallet of WebMoney come across a trick of malefactors which is that they suggest to send a certain sum (sometimes even insignificant) to the specified purse and you, allegedly, receive more in two or three times. Many already "stepped on this rake" and regretted about it. During the work with Webmoney be vigilant, never and leave to nobody the password for an input and other confidential data.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team