Gravity Falls: characters and their names

Gravity Falls: characters and their names

"Gravity Falls" - the popular American cartoon serial proceeding on Disney TV channel from 2012 to 2016. It is devoted to the adventures of twins Dipper and Mable Payns which decided to spend summer vacation at the uncle Stan.

History of creation of a cartoon serial

The author of "Gravity Falls" is the animator Alex Hirsch, the project which decided to create which will be equally interesting to children and adults. In student's years he created the 11-minute animation movie in which he told about experience and personal experiences during summer vacation at the grandfather with the twin sister. Some time Alex worked at Cartoon Network channel then passed to Disney Channel, having laid a hand to several small animation projects.

Once to the manual Disney Channel asked Alex to provide a training with the beginning animators on which that decided to show the short animated film. The audience came from it to full delight, and the TV channel decided to acquire immediately the rights for the project and gave "green light" on production of a full-fledged cartoon serial which is decided to be started up in telerolling in the summer of 2012.

Plot and production

The main concept of a cartoon serial remained the same, however the set of considerable details was entered. Twins were given assumed names - Dipper and Mable Payns, and they went to vacation to the grandfather Stanley Payns who was called "uncle Sten". The last lives and works in own "hut of miracles" in the small town of Gravity Falls located in a woody zone. After arrival the twins understand that in the city, the wood and even to the hut inexplicable things are created and also face fantastic beings.

Each series is most often devoted to a meeting with any type of fantastic beings or collision with the paranormal phenomena. How to cope with the next danger, Dipper and Mable learn from the mysterious diary and also always receive the help from the friends Zus and Wendy. In process of development of a plot there are more and more riddles, including related to the identity of the uncle Sten and his "Hut of Miracles" and also some inhabitants of Gravity Falls.

The first 12 episodes of a cartoon serial were broadcast on Disney Channel weekly, since summer of 2012, as well as was planned. The following 8 episodes left irregularly and in process of their end, up to August, 2013. The project which became very popular on television is immediately decided to be prolonged for the second season. Episodes left also in process of end till February 15, 2016. During production of a cartoon serial the creators met difficulties: each new series was eventful more, than previous that strongly dragged out and complicated production. As a result after end of the second season the cartoon serial is decided to be closed. Alex Hirsch posted continuation in the form of the comic book on the website subsequently.

Main characters

The cartoon serial totals only five main characters:

  • Dipper Payns;
  • Mable Payns;
  • Stanley Payns ("Uncle Stan");
  • Wendy Kordra;
  • Zus Ramirez.

Dipper Payns - the 12-year-old boy, Mable's twin brother. Its real name – Mason, and he got the nickname "Dipper" for the birthmark reminding the constellation of Big Dipper (English Big Dipper). After arrival to Gravity Falls it finds in the forest the unusual diary in which the unknown person described all fantastic beings inhabiting to the district. Dipper differs in indecision and has different complexes. Also he is in love with Wendy.

Mable Payns is a 12-year-old twin sister Dipera. Unlike the unsociable and often submerged in himself brother, she always remains an optimist, leads active lifestyle and dreams to start "an epic summer romance", however she is not lucky in love affairs at all. Together with Dipper tries to reveal a secret of the mysterious diary. Also she very much loves animals, and in one of series gets a tame pig to Pukhl.

Stanley Payns ("Uncle Sten") — the granduncle of twins whom they call uncles. He owns "the Hut of Miracles" — house museum in which the mysterious objects and beings found in Gravity Falls are allegedly collected. Actually, all exhibits are fakes, and Sten wishes to earn as much as possible from the trustful tourists who are periodically visiting the town only. Differs in gloomy temper and does not encourage hooligan tricks of the children staying with it.

Wendy Kordra — the 15-year-old teenage girl from Gravity Falls working as the seller of souvenirs in "the Hut of Miracles". Has red hair and freckles. It is sociable and easy on rise, spends much time with twins. Dipper Payns hopelessly fallen in love it.

Zus Ramirez is a 22-year-old employee of "the Hut of Miracles" who generally is engaged in home repair. He lives with the grandmother, is scattered and silly and also likes to eat because of what he has a full constitution. Nevertheless, Zus well gets on with twins and often unexpectedly comes to the rescue of them in difficult situations.

Minor characters

Residents of the town and also the different fantastic beings capable to talk act as minor characters of "Gravity Falls". Treat them:

  • Candy Chu and Grenda — the best friends of Mable with whom that got acquainted at a party;
  • Gideon Gliful ("Kid Gideon") — the 10-year-old swindler acting as the main antagonist in the first season;
  • MakGaket old man Fiddlford Adron — the local somewhat eccentric genius who constantly tries to invent something unusual and gets because of it into awkward situations;
  • Robert of Stacie Valentino (Robbie) — the teenager-got who together with Dipper battles for Wendy's heart.
  • Lazy Susan and Dan Kordroy (Wendy's father) — the owner of restaurant and the woodcutter working near "the Hut of Miracles".
  • Bill the Cipher — the powerful daemon from parallel reality which acts as the main antagonist of all series and seeks to occupy the planet.

The main heroes of a cartoon serial constantly enter interaction with the different families living in Gravity Falls. Among them:

  • Nortvest family;
  • MakGakketov family;
  • Kyyutbaykerov family;
  • family of Masses.

Development of a plot is influenced also by such fantastic beings as gnomes, the ghosts telling statues, muzhikotavra, liligolfer and many others, inhabiting mostly the woods of Gravity Falls. Some of them help the main characters, and others want to do much harm.

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