How free of charge to call from the Internet

How free of charge to call from the Internet

Calls abroad cost very much. However they can cost considerably cheaper or absolutely free of charge. There are many programs and the websites from which it is possible to make phone calls.

Today there is a large number of programs which offer free calls, to any place in the world. Negative reviews in which people open financial frauds of the swindlers who took away money and did not give the chance to call therefore be careful at similar calls come to every second program.



Skype is a computer program which offers communication services absolutely free of charge. Generally the program is focused on calling between two computers by voice and video conference, at the same time communication is really absolutely free. There is an opportunity to call once on the mobile number of any country, but for the following calls you should recharge.


Calls using the Internet

The offer of some programs including Skype, at development of speed of the Internet became progressive. Users are offered to communicate online, connecting thus phone and the computer. For such communication it is necessary to have the program on the computer and on the phone and also the good Internet. In this case can help out and the mobile Internet, but communication will be not really good. There is a lot of similar programs, among them there is Tap4Call, Fring, Viber, Forfone, LINE and others.

IP telephony many programs messengers, for example the Agent support, ICQ. With their help it is possible to make free video and voice calls. It is possible to put the program both in the computer, and in the cell phone.

One more similar program is called Google Talk. If for you and your friends it is available on the computer, then the voice or video call will be absolutely free.

Communication with residents of other countries

Very many write that it is impossible to call free of charge abroad, all similar offers a so-called divorce. Partly is the truth, but several similar websites nevertheless exist.

The most popular service, for calls to other country on phone, Call2friends is. Of course, this online service does not allow to talk endlessly, however it will allow you to dial any phone number and to talk several times in day. Time of a conversation is also limited. This service the most loyal of existing. He allows to make free calls on stationary or mobile phones, and also to send SMS, to any place in the world without software installation — directly from the browser.

The online services similar to Call2friends, there is a lot of and practically each of them gives an opportunity to call free of charge to the next regions or abroad. Usually in 2-3 minutes of a conversation, the call breaks and to you suggest to recharge for continuation of a conversation.

Consider also paid options, but with the minimum expense of means. There is a large number of the websites providing of mobile service for kopeks. Find the similar websites very difficult and very often there is some dirty trick, but if the question costs about economy, but not free communication, evaluate such opportunity.

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