How free of charge to create a banner for the website

How free of charge to create a banner for the website

Quite often webmasters on the resource or for the purpose of advertizing of any service or goods apply the system of banners to involvement of visitors. And in order that to use it, not obligatory to contact the special Internet firms which are engaged in creation of advertizing materials.

It is required to you

  • - Adobe Photoshop.


1. To create a banner with own hand, load and install any version of Adobe Photoshop. Then start the installed graphics editor. Create the new file and set to it future sizes. They depend on orientation of a banner: horizontal or vertical. Then give to the new file a background. For this purpose use the Filling or Gradient tool, installation of the certain texture loaded from the Internet is also possible. After setup of a background use the Text tool. Enter necessary information in a text box, set it a certain style, a font, color, etc.

2. Selecting between the simple and animated banner, select the second option. It draws much more attention. To create the animated effect, select the option "Window" and press the Animation button in a drop-down menu. Change by means of a storyboard duration of personnel in turn. Eight-ten doubles will be the best number of personnel. After you decide on quantity of slides of animation, pass to settings of the second shot.

3. To change structure of the text in the course of animation, right-click on a banner, select the option "Deform the Text" or any other tool on your discretion. Then you pass to settings of the third shot, etc. To make animation it is a little more interesting, change degree of a bend of lines, their thickness, the text size, add effect of a luminescence etc. Only when you edited all personnel and created animation, press the Animation Playback Start button and attentively study the received result.

4. To use a banner on the website, it is necessary to convert it in the Web format. Then save the file in GIF. After that place the given graphic file on necessary web resources, without having forgotten to assign the link to the image in order that at clique on it there was a transition to the advertized material.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team